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-The less said about my Niners season opener the better. Heal up Deebo! We need you! RAW was loaded this evening to combat the onslaught of 2 NFL Games tonight and while it may not work I appreciate the effort. RAW Talk has all the In Your Face fallout, so let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH now has hand signs! They start with the close of RAW with Retribution showing up to put an end to the Drew/Lee main event. The Hurt Business showed up to get a piece of Retribution and the show closed with Drew and Lee hitting dives over the top on everyone. Truth thinks Retribution is an inside job and either it’s people currently on the roster or a group of people returning.

-Next up they discuss the Seth/Dominick steel cage match. Charly asks what it feels like to be hit with a kendo stick. Truth says he can’t explain it and then mentions Little Jimmy is standing next to Charly. Truth feels Seth is out of control as they show him beating the crap out of Murphy. Seth’s parting shot to Rey’s wife to make sure their daughter turns out better was a nice dick move.

-Zelina Vega is here and the hostility with Charly is already starting. Charly wants to know what Zelina was thinking when she slapped Asuka. Zelina feels her actions were clear and that she is ready for Asuka and ready to be RAW Women’s Champion. Charly thinks stepping to Asuka is above what someone like Zelina is able to accomplish. Zelina knows everyone thinks she is a manager, but it is her time. She is a credible hybrid of a wrestler and a manager and is being trained by Andrade and Angel. She can’t want for all the Twitter trolls to hate on her when she wins the Title. Charly brings up that the relationship between Andrade and Angel seems to be over and she wants to know if Zelina is done with them. Zelina is tired of Charly’s obsession with Angel and Andrade. Truth knew there was something to Charly and Angel, but Charly reminds Truth she didn’t accept the rose. Zelina will reveal her plans with Angel and Andrade when she wants and right now she is focused on Asuka. She promises to smack the smile off Charly’s lips. Charly thanks her for coming and tells her the next guest is coming so she can leave.

-Next are the Women’s Tag Champions, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Nia calls Charly out for not being to hold the show together. Shayna is already snipping at Nia and Truth wants to know if he should call for an intervention. Nia puts over how she put a woman through a table tonight and then tells Truth that they will come for his title next. Charly asks if they are seeing eye to eye and they both say it’s only about their titles. They snipe over not following each other on Instagram. They come together to hurt people and win. Charly asks how long it took Shayna to get her side plates and Shayna is annoyed by it. She calls this the worst part of her job as she already has issues with Truth and now Charly is asking dumb questions. They all argue over the difference between a contusion and abrasion while Truth talks about putting Icy Hot on cohesion. This one is going off the rails and Shayna’s frustration over all of it is fantastic. Nia eyes up Truth’s 24/7 Title again and Truth wants this segment wrapped up. Charly wants to move on to the next guest and everyone talks over everyone as the Tag Champs take their leave.

-Out final guest and Truth kills it by saying “oh snap, Dracula.” Aleister Black is here and Truth crushes again with “I liked you on Twilight.” Black for his part refers to Truth as Mr. Killings which is cool for some reason. Charly wants to know why Aleister attacked KO. First and foremost KO’s negligence is why he is here. Kevin is a family man and Black mentions his father was a cruel man. Not to the point that Kevin shows as he is a fraud. He is known to throw his friends under a bus, but uses the word family to make people forgive him. Black says that if he jumps in the fire for another man than he expects the same. Obviously he is referring to when he made saves for Owens, but KO didn’t return the favor because he was home with family. Black wants answers for KO as perhaps he revealed tonight he is part of Retribution with the lights flickering when he had the match won. He believes it is too much of a coincidence and he will find out answers sooner than later. Black just blankly stares at Truth as he offers to text KO and be a mediator. Black is going to find his proof and he will gladly be the bad guy if he has to take that role. Charly hopes he can find his answers and doesn’t like the direction this is going. Truth says he will let him get back to his coffin.

-This one dragged a bit but was okay. Truth is always great and I enjoyed the continued tension with Charly and Zelina. Aleister was solid for his first go round on this show and his reasoning for turning on KO was solid. Overall this was a show that happened and was entertaining enough. Thanks for reading!

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