Ann Coulter Decimated on Social Media for Comments About Vigilante Arrested for Killing Jacob Blake Protesters


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    Ann Coulter sparked immediate social media backlash Wednesday night following her comments regarding accused murderer Kyle Rittenhouse. After Rittenhouse, 17, was arrested and charged with first-degree intentional homicide after he shot three people, two of them fatally, during a Jacob Blake protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday night, Coulter said she wanted the teen as her president.

    Although there are conflicting reports regarding what led up to the shooting, Rittenhouse reportedly travelled approximately 20 miles to Kenosha from Antioch, Illinois. Prior to the shooting, he had reportedly been seen among an armed group who had convened on the city to protect property. Cellphone video that circulated on social media showed a man believed to be the teen running down the street and tripping before opening fire with a semi-automatic rifle. The shooting left two people dead, identified by police as a 26-year-old from Silver Lake, Wisconsin, and a 36-year-old from Kenosha, according to CNN. A third person was injured.

    Coulter’s apparent praise of Rittenhouse, which came after another person said they wanted Rittenhouse « as my bodyguard, » was immediately condemned, with some stating it showed a « pro-terrorist stance » and showed that Coulter « supports white supremacist militia groups. » Keep scrolling to see the backlash to Coulter’s tweet.

    He crossed state lines, violated Wisconsin’s open carry law, instigated a conflict, and killed two people.

    I know Ann Coulter is a provocateur, I know she says horrific things just to get attention, but this is a big deal. Open celebration of militia members murdering unarmed protesters. It’s hard to put into words just how bad this is.

    Also Ann Coulter: That murderous kid that shot 3 people and killed 2 is a hero, make him President.

    Just FYI, this is Ann Coulter saying she wants a person who drove from Illinois to Wisconsin to hunt black people as president.

    imagine the outrage if someone in the U.S. said they wanted a brown terrorist as their president. if they say they want a white terrorist as their president it’s all good though

    Oh wow. I saw a screenshot of this and thought it was a Photoshop joke to make you look evil so I had to come and check that it was only a joke, but nope. There it is. Wow.


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