Les fans des Bears s’inquiètent pour Justin Fields après la suplex de Jonathan Allen


Jonathan Allen’s Controversial Hit on Justin Fields Sparks Outrage on Twitter

During Thursday Night Football, Jonathan Allen’s brutal hit on Justin Fields left NFL Twitter in disbelief. Fields had an impressive first half, but the Chicago Bears’ offense struggled in the second half. However, the focus shifted to the alarming moment when Allen lifted Fields and slammed him head-first onto the ground. Fans questioned why the hit was not flagged, as it seemed to be a clear case of roughing the passer. In today’s game, quarterbacks are heavily protected, and such dangerous tackles are usually penalized. The lack of a penalty raised concerns about player safety and the consistency of officiating.

Protecting Quarterbacks: A Responsibility of Officials

The incident involving Justin Fields and Jonathan Allen highlighted the responsibility of officials to protect quarterbacks, especially when they are in the pocket. The hit on Fields was a textbook example of a dangerous tackle that should have been penalized. While Fields’ rushing ability exposes him to more hits, it does not excuse officials from ensuring his safety. The lack of a penalty in this case was seen as a failure to uphold player protection standards. Fans and analysts called for consistency in officiating and questioned whether the NFL’s independent spotter had taken note of the play for potential evaluation of a brain injury.

Justin Fields Shines Despite Controversial Hit

Despite the controversy surrounding the hit, Justin Fields had an impressive performance in the first half of the game. He, along with DJ Moore, led the Bears to a commanding 27-3 lead at halftime. Fields’ rushing ability made him a target for hits in the second half, but he showed no obvious signs of injury. The incident sparked discussions about player safety and the need for consistent officiating in the NFL.

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