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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are known for their playful and hilarious trolling of each other on social media. The couple, who have been married since 2012 and share four children, often use their platforms to poke fun at one another. In one instance, Blake trolled Ryan’s new quarantine hairdo by posting a photo of his baby man-bun on her Instagram Stories. Ryan responded by sharing the image to his own Instagram Stories, writing, « Clearly your birth control doesn’t work, so… » The couple also like to show support for each other, with Blake sharing a sizzling snap of Ryan on her Instagram Stories and Ryan praising Blake’s gift of an original Danny Galieote painting.

Despite their playful teasing, the couple clearly has a strong bond and deep love for each other. They share three daughters, James, Inez, and Betty, as well as a baby whose name and sex have yet to be revealed. Blake and Ryan have been cheering for each other and showing signs of support on social media for over a decade. They also like to have fun with some playful teasing, with Blake putting the pressure on Ryan to up his game on her next birthday tribute after he created a fully produced music video for a friend’s birthday.

Overall, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a couple who clearly love to have fun and make each other laugh. Their playful trolling and support for each other on social media is a testament to their strong bond and deep love.

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