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Buck Showalter accorde une journée de repos au receveur des Mets, Francisco Alvarez.

Alvarez is fine the Mets manager said, but had been behind the plate for 10 consecutive games.

Francisco Alvarez gets a day of rest as Omar Narvaez starts

After starting as the Mets’ catcher for 10 consecutive games, Francisco Alvarez received a day of rest on Sunday. Manager Buck Showalter clarified that this decision was not related to Alvarez’s ankle injury from the previous night’s game. Showalter emphasized that it was as much about Omar Narvaez’s needs as it was about Alvarez’s. The Mets have been pleased with Alvarez’s performance as the everyday catcher, but Showalter wants to be cautious and not overwork him. Alvarez has already caught 67 games this season, surpassing his personal-high of 79 from last year.

Omar Narvaez’s slow start and the challenges of catching

Omar Narvaez, who signed a two-year, $15 million contract with the Mets last offseason, has had a slow start to the season. Entering Sunday’s game, he had played in 17 games with a batting average of .184 and no extra-base hits. Showalter believes that as Narvaez plays more and becomes more consistent, he will showcase his true potential. Showalter also acknowledged the challenges of being a catcher, highlighting the importance of finding a tempo, rhythm, and feel for the position. Catchers also have to manage the uncertainty of not knowing when they will be in the lineup.

Jose Quintana’s team debut delayed due to flu

The Mets have once again delayed Jose Quintana’s team debut, pushing it back to Thursday against the White Sox. Quintana has been dealing with the flu, and the Mets want to give him an extra day to ensure he is fully recovered. In the meantime, Justin Verlander will pitch on regular rest on Wednesday. Showalter expressed concern about the lingering nature of Quintana’s illness and hinted at the possibility of a longer recovery period. Quintana, who underwent rib surgery in March, has been working hard to return to the field.

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