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CM – 10 Things We Learned From Mick Foley About Stone Cold’s Broken Skull Sessions Podcast

Mick Foley talks about botched spots, career regrets, WWE, TNA and more on Steve Austin's show.

99.9% of wrestling fans heard all about his Hell In A Cell classic with The Undertaker at King Of The Ring 1998, when McMahon made some comments, and even at the time he « retired » opposite Triple H.

The best part about meeting Steve Austin for WWE Network / Peacock? You’ve never heard any of Mick’s stories get told like this before. Plus, Foley’s voice has such a charming oomph when he talks about entertaining the crowds and giving his body good value for money that it’s hard to indulge in repetitions.

Thankfully, ‘Stone Cold’ decided to dive a little deeper into his buddy’s career to find some real hidden gems. Most of the points analyzed here also feel totally fresh, which is remarkable considering how open Mick has always been about his runs at WWE and WCW. The couple even found some time to talk about TNA.

Austin and Mick haven’t gotten to grips with Foley’s time at WCW, but they have his feud with Vader, the whole ear loss incident, and so on it gave some cool insights into his way of thinking back then.

Foley, as Cactus Jack, led the pay-per-view against Big Van Vader. They crushed each other’s shit and Mick admits he left everything in the ring. Why? Well, he wasn’t so sure if he would ever get the chance to play a pay-per-view on this scale again.

Sadness mingled with excitement that night, but the future legend had nothing to do with it fear. He rose to even greater heights (literally sometimes!) And finished much bigger events than WCW’s Havoc ’93. It’s so strange to know that he felt this way.

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