CM – 300 new classrooms, 10 new schools in the budget splash


Three hundred new classrooms in more than 35 different schools are being built as part of a major government budget injection for children in Queensland valued at $ 541 million.

The commitment will be in addition to $ 1 billion for 10 new schools being built to accommodate new communities whose locations parents will learn today.

In addition to the new classrooms, teachers and students will receive new administration buildings and facilities, and the building will create around 1,600 jobs.

Prime Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk said today’s budget will include record spending on education and health, with « also huge spending on capital infrastructure ».

« We know that we have to do justice to our growing state and will continue to do so, » said Palaszczuk.

People fleeing abusive relationships, regional communities affected by drought, and prisoners in overcrowded cells will also benefit from the budget.

The budget will be $ 20 million to support those experiences or risk of domestic violence and give them access to safe housing.

The money will be used for additional living space, fund special services to work on security issues, and provide additional aid packages that pay for moving personnel, white goods replacement, transportation, furniture and damaged goods, and increased security.

The additional capacity, which will cost $ 8 million, will handle an increased number of offenders who have been detained for extended periods of time.

In addition, over a three-year period, $ 70 million will be allocated to help improve water supplies and security in the Queensland region as part of the Building our Regions program.

And the government will use $ 11 million to improve cybersecurity in government agencies, including local government agencies, and to educate their employees about cyber risks.

Meanwhile, opposition leader David Crisafulli said treasurer Cameron Dick is cutting infrastructure spending by $ 4 billion and comparing spending in the four years to 2023-24 with expected spending in the four years to 2024-25.

« Revenue has increased and infrastructure spending has decreased – so the question is where the money goes, » he said.

« My question is, why are you taking $ 4 billion off infrastructure when you know people are moving to Queensland? »

But the government denied their request, insisting that $ 4 billion not be removed from the estimates promised in last year’s budget.

The projections published in today’s budget go to 2024-25, when the government’s signature infrastructure project – Cross River Rail – is nearing completion.

« The numbers for Queensland are looking good – debt will be lower, deficits will be lower and that is the dividend we Queenslanders will give back through more services, more infrastructure and more jobs, » said Dick.

– The debt and deficit figures will be smaller than the deficit forecast for this year of 8.633 billion

– $ 541 million to build more than 300 new classrooms, administrative buildings, and facilities in more than 35 state schools

– Qualifies Queenslanders for Work program to continue with an additional $ 320 million and $ 140 million in a revitalized Back to Work program.

– $ 70 million over three years to improve water supplies and security in regional Queensland through the Building our Regions program

– $ 71 million to strengthen Queensland’s film industry, a total of $ 53 million over two years for the state’s Production Attraction Strategy, $ 4 million over four years to boost the north of the state industry, and $ 10 million – dollars over two years for a « post, digital and visual » effects « incentive

– New $ 78.75 driver’s license transfer fee for people moving to Queensland to generate $ 17 million

– $ 41.3 million for new racing infrastructure funded by a 35 percent cut in Queensland’s point of consumption tax

– Current civil service figures are expected to be released, with an additional 3800 civil servants expected to be recruited over the next year


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