CM – 80% of city-indians are more optimistic for 2022: survey


New Delhi: Consumers have a positive outlook for the coming year: 80% of urban Indians and 61% of global citizens say they expect their respective economies to grow stronger in 2022, according to a survey by global researcher Ipsos.

According to the Global Predictions 2022 survey, markets were the most optimistic (79%). The least optimistic were Turkey (40%), Belgium (44%) and Russia (45%). 80% of urban Indians and 77% of global citizens remain optimistic about the outlook for 2022 and predict a better year than 2021.

However, 77% of world citizens and 73% of city Indians said 2021 was a bad year for their country.

The results are part of a 33-market survey carried out by Ipsos on its online platform Global Advisor. Between October 22 and November 5, 2021, Ipsos surveyed a total of 22,023 adults aged 18 to 74 years in the USA, Canada, Israel, Malaysia, South Africa and Turkey, as well as 16 to 74 years in 27 other markets.

Respondents also hope that city life will return to normal and more people will return to the offices. 70% of respondents worldwide agreed; while in India 74% of respondents agreed.

Interestingly, all 33 markets have a larger number of optimistic respondents, with respondents in China leading the survey, followed by Malaysia, the Netherlands and Israel.

While most global citizens disagree, at least 60% of urban Indians expect people to become more tolerant of one another in 2022. Markets more likely to expect this were China (83%) and Malaysia (66%).

In India, most respondents are optimistic about the good outlook for 2022 and expect the economy to grow, the vaccination campaign accelerated and the majority of the population covered, and they also expect tolerance levels to improve, said Amit Adarkar, CEO of Ipsos India.

However, he added that a « full recovery » was still a long way off. « A spike led by the Omicron variant could spoil the party unless strict isolation, vaccination, and other protocols are put in place to stop the spread, » he said.

People could fly less than in 2019. 45% of global citizens surveyed hold this view; India showed polarized views, with 1 in 2 (52%) agreeing.

Most global citizens (75%) believe that prices will exceed people’s incomes. The most agreeing markets were Russia (88%), Chile (85%), the Netherlands (85%), Romania (85%) and Colombia (84%). In India, at least two in three agreed (68%). The Japanese market agreed least (33%), said Ipsos.

“The price will exceed the income and the escapism in the virtual world will increase, and strict laws for large technology companies by the government could also come in, are some of the predictions. Inflation, content binge-watching will carry over to 2022, most believe, « added Adarkar. added.

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