CM – A man charged with shooting the Bronx construction worker, police officers say


The man who allegedly shot and killed a construction worker in the Bronx earlier this week was charged with murder, police said early Friday.

Jose Everaldo Reyes, 66, of Melrose, allegedly has six bullets pumped into 52-year-old Lizbeth Mass when she was on City Island Avenue and City Island Road around 12:45 on her lunch break. Police said he was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center Wednesday and charged with second degree murder, manslaughter, criminal use of a firearm and criminal possession of a gun on Thursday, police said.

He allegedly used a gun stolen from a police officer who retired in 1988, police sources said.

Reyes lived alone in the basement of a building in the South Bronx, cleaning up the trash for a free rent took out, said his superintendent Carlos Chancha (45) on Spanish Friday. People called him « Eric, » the super said.

Chancha last saw Reyes on Monday when « he seemed normal » and he said he had « never had a problem with him in seven years ».

45-year-old neighbor Joyce Kuvi said she saw Reyes every now and then, most recently about a week ago. He’s shoveled her driveway sometimes, she said.

Mass’s brother, Raul Mass, 43, told The Post Thursday that he heard about the shooting from a cousin, who was told by Lizbeth’s friend, who was from police sources when Dwayne Walker was identified, found out.

« The guy lived in the area and always brought her lunch and my sister is a kind person to everyone and he went to her place yesterday and bought her lunch » said Raul.

« I don’t think he knew she had a boyfriend. When she introduced her he said hello to them and they spoke English and suddenly he started speaking to my sister in Spanish » , he added.

« As the guy left, [Walker] said, » Be careful with him, he looks at me weird, « added Raul.

Reyes, who was setting off on his bike, returned Back a short time later and repeatedly fired at the mess, police sources said.

Then try he supposedly wanted to flee – when Walker, who was sitting in his car nearby, sped up on him and knocked him off his bike.

« He’s crazy, » said Raul of the suspect. “You can’t be so friendly with people. If you see them offering you lunch, it means that they are trying to get to know you better. « 

 » Imagine how I feel, she was my only daughter, « he said. » Losing a daughter is not easy. « 

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