CM – A Melbourne woman claims to have almost been kidnapped by her DiDi driver


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A woman from Melbourne claimed she was almost kidnapped by her DiDi driver on Saturday night which has sparked warnings across town to be vigilant when using rideshare services.

In a series of Instagram stories shared on her @puddingjulie account over the weekend, the woman explained how she traveled from Brunswick to Richmond to meet some friends for dinner. For those unfamiliar with Melbourne, this is roughly a 15-20 minute drive in traffic.

However, she claims the driver put her on a freeway towards Balwyn North – the completely wrong direction – after she had made a series of wrong turns.

“We’re taking a route through Fitzroy and he takes a wrong turn and said, ‘Oh, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what happened, I did Made a few mistakes today ‘and I’ I like ‘It’s okay, it happens’ « , she explained in her Instagram story.

 » And then we landed on the freeway and half an hour had passed and we did were still in Fitzroy. ”

According to their allegation, the driver offered to cancel the trip and drive them the rest of the way for free. This would of course prevent DiDi from following the rest of the trip, which is never a good idea for the safety of everyone involved.

“I check his cell phone and his maps keep telling him to leave the autobahn and he’s on the right track too and he’s stayed on the right track the whole time, ”she continued.

Eventually, the woman decided to call her sister after unsure how to deal with the Should handle the situation

« I’m starting to freak out because with everything I say to him he can’t give me a clear answer where we’re going … He notices [I’m on the phone with her] and tries to calm me down. « 

At this point, she claims the driver tried to de-escalate the situation and allegedly offered to contact his friends to check his character.

 » ‘Oh, sister, sister, it’s all right ‘Don’t worry, I’ll take you where you need to go’ ”said the driver according to her memory.

« I finally went to the other side, got out and he tried to get me back into the car. It was so strange that he said: ‘Here is my phone, talk to my friends, they will tell you that you can come with me.’ where her sister picked her up and immediately went to the police to report the situation.

“It was just terrifying, why the hell are we on the highway, what am I doing. I have the feeling that if I hadn’t said anything, he would have continued. He just took advantage of the fact that I didn’t know Melbourne very well and said nothing if he didn’t take all these random turns, « she claimed in her Instagram stories.

DiDi finally confirmed that the driver in question was up to An investigation was temporarily suspended from the platform.

« DiDi is aware of an incident that occurred overnight on the platform in Melbourne, » DiDi said in a statement to Pedestrian.

« In an incident With regard to driver safety, we immediately block the driver’s access to the app as a precaution and carry out an investigation and, if necessary, also support the law enforcement authorities.

« For this particular incident, DiDi has temporarily blocked the driver’s account and is conducting a thorough investigation , which could lead to a temporary or permanent blockage of the driver from the DiDi platform, while we are also investigating the criminal offense law enforcement agencies work together. ”

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