CM – A secret mysterious disease causes rapid mental decline in young adults


A whistleblower from a Canadian health agency has warned of a progressive neurological disease in the province of New Brunswick that has baffled experts for more than two years. The mysterious illness appears to affect a growing number of young adults and in some cases can lead to very rapid mental decline.

The employee who works for Vitalite Health Network spoke to the Guardian and said cases of which believed to be related to the same disease, increase. It has knocked young people down with no prior health problems and led to a list of worrying symptoms, including insomnia, hallucinations, reduced mobility, and rapid weight loss hasn’t changed, there are more cases awaiting assessment that could bring the number up to 150.

« I’m really concerned about these cases because they seem to be developing so quickly, » the source said. « I’m worried about them and we owe them an explanation. »

At the same time, at least nine cases were recorded in which two people in close contact – but without a genetic link – developed symptoms that suggest environmental factors.

The whistleblower who spoke to The Guardian wants to remain anonymous as he feared the consequences if he spoke up. They felt that because of the speed with which people can get worse when they have this mysterious disease, they should get in touch. The authorities are expected to issue a statement shortly stating that the cases have been falsely compiled but, despite the conspicuous details, are unrelated to the more recent cases.

But are experts familiar with the cluster alarmed, mainly because of the age of the patients. Neurological diseases are rare in young people.

« The fact that we have a younger spectrum of patients here speaks very strongly against the apparently preferred position of the New Brunswick government – that the cases in this cluster are incorrectly lumped together « Said a scientist from Canada’s Department of Health Agency who specializes in neurodegenerative diseases but was not allowed to speak.

The province of New Brunswick also said there is no evidence of known food, behavior or environmental triggers that cause the could explain mysterious disease. The province’s apparent opposition to testing for suspected environmental factors has led families to speculate that efforts to rule out the existence of a cluster may be motivated by political decisions.

Tim Beatty’s father, Laurie, a retired hardware worker, died 2019 after the mental confusion around Christmas marked the beginning of its rapid decline. « If a group of people wanted to breed conspiracy theorists, our government did a wonderful job promoting it, » Beatty said. “Are you just trying to create a public narrative that you hope we will pick up and go away? I just don’t get it. « 

Documents obtained through Freedom of Information Requests and viewed by the Guardian showed that scientists from the country’s health agency BMAA (β-methylamino-L-alanine) found in high levels in lobsters was found, consider as a possible cause, but the province order the exam. Hummer is a great source of income for many New Brunswick coastal areas.

« I don’t know why the province wouldn’t just do the science and look. They have my father’s remains. We’ve given them full permission to do toxicology and do what needs to be done, « Beatty said. » But nothing has been looked at. « 

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