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What a contrast: Greta thinks we are not doing enough to avoid a climate catastrophe, while McKibben thinks we can do it. At the same time, our politicians in Australia are working extremely hard to ensure that we will all be Cajun. Scott Morrison has appointed Angus Taylor as Minister of Emissions Reduction and he has made decisions that have massively increased emissions over the past 4 years.

The Guardian: “Now Angus Taylor has announced that he will be at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow will advertise Australia as a good place to invest in fossil fuel projects. In a provocative statement Thursday, Taylor confirmed that he would be attending the first week of the crucial summit and tell the world that Australia was a ‘safe and reliable destination for investments in gas, hydrogen and new energy technologies’. « 

He’ll be as welcome as a snake in a pool of fortune. Or will he? As this video from The Juice so aptly (and a bit crude) shows, Angus will sell as long as people buy.

The Morrison government continues to label methane gas as a clean fuel and deny the power of driving it of climate change has. It sells the idea that net zero can be achieved by 2050 by replacing coal exports with LNG exports.

Some see this as the policy of the three goons – Barnaby, Angus and ScoMo. Unfortunately, that’s not the case – these men aren’t fools. You have the plan to milk the cow until she is dead. Earn money while the planet and its constituents cook, and enrich your fossil fuel donors at the same time.

We only have a few years left before the tipping points are broken. I urge my readers to vote for politicians who cannot be bought and to take all steps to reduce fossil fuel consumption and protect themselves for the coming climate crises.

David Waterworth is a retired teacher, who spends his time looking after his grandchildren and making sure they have a planet to live on. He owns 50 shares of Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA].

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