CM – ‘AGT’ judge Sofia Vergara was more than shocked after Simon Cowell’s terrible prank


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Simon Cowell had better watch out after the breathtaking stunt he did recently on America’s Got Talent.

During the Audition episode last Tuesday, the chief AGT judge orchestrated a really terrifying prank on them second panelist Sofía Vergara, who terrified the Modern Family star. To pull it off, he enlisted the help of season 11 daredevils Ryan Stock and Amberlynn.

At the start of the prank, Ryan and Amberlynn invited both Simon and Sofía to come on stage to engage in a crossbow trick. They instructed Simon to stand near the target (which happened to be a white balloon) while Amberlynn and a Sofía stood blindfolded a few feet away. Amberlynn then instructed Sofía to pull the trigger on the crossbow as soon as Ryan told her to do so. After Sofía fired the crossbow, a calm and nimble team of crew members pinned a similar arrow in Simon’s chest, making it look like he had been accidentally shot.

Seconds later, Amberlynn, Ryan, Judges Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum, and hosts Terry Crews gasped and yelled in horror. A frightened Sofía pulled down her blindfold and saw Simon lying « injured » on the stage floor. For a few seconds you could see the sheer panic and confusion on Sofía’s face as she stumbled onto the stage and tried to process what had happened. Fortunately, Simon immediately sat up with the wrong arrow on his chest and said to Sofía: « Got it! » He later made eye contact with Sofía, who was understandably not too happy with him, and apologized lightly for frightening her.

Even though Simon Sofía might have done well this time, she let him know that this prank war was far from over. “You know that I am Colombian and you know that we are taking revenge,” Sofía clapped to Simon. While Heidi and Howie seemed shocked by Sofía’s threat, Simon simply laughed at it. Pointing to the arrow in his chest, he quipped, « What?

We have a feeling Sofía will get Simon back at the end of this season – and if she does, it will be sweet, sweet revenge.


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