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Watch Dogs: Legion – also known as Watch Dogs: Lahndahn, you slaaaaags – and its dystopian vision of the near future of our nation’s capital is approaching « Yikes, too soon! » Territory every day, right? But yesterday the Bloodline DLC was released, bringing the original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce and Watch Dogs 2 Best Boy Wrench to a stand-alone story DLC. It also brought me an unexpected source of absolute joy, and that means throwing Aiden’s boring hat and trench coat overboard and dressing him in Legion’s myriad clothing lines.

Bloodlines takes place a step away from the main story of the game, shortly after the opening attack on London and just before its hacktivist cell Dedsec is reactivated. Aiden and Wrench are both after a MacGuffin that allows the human mind to occupy robots, but I found that by and large unimportant. The DLC is actually pretty smart: it has a slightly modified version of the upgrade system, it gives you the basic tutorial again, with the reasonable expectation that this will be the first time a bunch of people have played in a while, and Aiden is really good at shooting people too. Bullets everywhere, brutal executions left and right. Verily he is a murderer. And with London set in the future, around 2030, Aiden is well over 50 by now.

You can joke any joke about his iconic hat you like (and I will), but he just is Somehow aged out of his asymmetrical leather coat, oooh-me-a-badass look. He’s still a badass who brutally beats people with a telescopic baton, but he also has a decent haircut and a salt-and-pepper beard. He was wearing a beige shirt! So after a while I thought, “This is clearly a man who appreciates a sleeveless vest, and went to a store to get one for him. And that’s when I realized I could dress him up in anything.

You can do this with any playable agent in the main game, but it’s kind of nowhere near as fun because there aren’t any real characters like in the past from Watch Dogs are. They are faceless drones that I categorize based on their capabilities. Aiden is a world-famous criminal hacker and accused murderer. He’s the last of the beard men, and in Watch Dogs Legion, even his lack of taste is like a full buffet. He’s also a very serious boy with a gruff voice like Ian Hitman. Aiden has therefore spent a considerable amount of time as a catgirl.

This outfit in particular quickly became boring. A middle-aged man in stockings and miniskirt isn’t exactly a nuanced or interesting giggle. So I dressed him as you’d expect on the street: a middle-aged history teacher trying to appeal to the kids and whose wife recently bought him stone-washed jeans to update his wardrobe (see : right).

This is actually a much better disguise when trying to avoid detection by a police state with an extensive surveillance network than Aiden’s « I’m A Bad Bad Boy » standard suit with an iconic hat. You wouldn’t look at this guy twice! He’s also much more fun to role-play, especially in the fight club scenes. Meet Jerry. His history of teaching medicine in 8th grade destroyed him. He’s dead inside. He can’t tell his wife why he turns away from her at night. And on Thursdays he goes into the basement of an empty skyscraper and gets the shit thrown out of him.

It’s especially funny because when Aiden is let loose on the world in his old leather jacket, it is played like a moment. But in my game the ambient world massively undermined it because an ambulance crashed in front of me and then it started to rain. The first time I put Aiden in a miniskirt, I got in a car and The Rockafeller Skank was on the radio!

I have so much fun dressing up with Aiden that it has been much of my DLC playtime so far Has taken. I’m always looking for new clothes for him. The selection of leggings in the in-game version of Camden’s Cyberdog leaves a lot to be desired, tbh. I’ve been to Cyberdog and you can put some very stupid things in there. My next plan is to completely dress Aiden in Union Jack clothes to disguise him as a patriotic citizen in front of any passing police officers. IT’S CAHMIN ‘OME!

Alice Bell

Deputy Editor in Chief

RPS’s dep ed. Small person fueled by tea and enthusiasm for video game romance. Send me interesting etymological facts and cool horror games.

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