CM – Alert 3 raised over Taal volcano


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The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has raised the alert status over the Taal volcano to alert level 3 after it generated a kilometer-high phreatomagmatic cloud on Thursday, July 1st.

From alert level 2 or « increasing unrest », the agency has the volcano alert status to alert level 3 or “magmatic unrest” after the main crater of the Taal “a short-lived dark phreatomagmatic cloud 1 kilometer high without accompanying volcanic earthquake « . . « 

 » In view of the above, DOST-PHIVOLCS is now raising the alarm status of Taal from alarm level 2 to alarm level 3. This means that there is an igneous intrusion at the main crater that could drive further eruptions, « Phivolcs said in his volcano bulletin.

In light of this development, the agency has strongly recommended the volcanic island of Taal and the high-risk barangays from Agoncillo and Laurel in Batangas due to the possible dangers of pyroclastic density currents and volcanic tsunamis.

« The public is reminded that the entire volcanic island is a permanent danger zone (PDZ) and that entering the island and the high risk Barangays of Agoncillo and Laurel are forbidden, « said Phivolcs.

 » In addition, communities around the shores of Lake Taal are advised to take precautionary measures and watch out for possible lake water disturbances in connection with the ongoing unrest  » , added her.


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