CM – Angels lose early 5-run lead to Rangers


ARLINGTON, Texas – Shohei Ohtani and Jared Walsh, the Angels all-stars who got into parallel slumps for much of the second half, finish strong.

Ohtani had a double and a triple and Walsh had three hits in the Angels’ 7-6 loss to the Texas Rangers on Thursday afternoon.

They had five of the Angels’ 12 hits in a day when they had five runs in the top of the first but lost. Alex Cobb gave up five runs and Jimmy Herget, who was in the lead with one run in eighth, gave up two runs with a Brock Holt double.

Ohtani tripled in race one and drove in his 99th round of the season. He doubled up in the sixth and just barely missed a game-defining home run in the ninth.

Ohtani now beats .311 (14 for 45) in his last 14 games, coming off a slump long enough to spark some discussion about whether he cost himself the MVP.

Walsh is now beating .340 (34 for 100) as of August 28, the result of a full field approach after being over-pulled in August. All three of his hits on Thursday were to be abandoned.

Despite the beautiful offensive day, the Angels pitchers couldn’t do their part, starting with Cobb.

Cobb ran four basers for the first two innings, but got two outs in the third before spending a walk, giving up a single, and allowing DJ Peters a three-run homer.

Cobb had only allowed one run in 10-2 / 3 innings in his two starts since he was removed from the injury list, which lowered his ERA to 3.46 and enabled him to get into the high grade free agency to go.

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