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The union leader will continue the attack because of sluggish wage growth. NSW Liberal Minister Gareth Ward resigns on allegations he denies. Follow the latest updates

Thu 13 May 2021 11.10 BST

First published on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 10:20 p.m. CET

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Anthony Albanese ends up giving big waves to the people in the galleries. The government benches are immediately filed – although Scott Morrison does not jump up immediately – he waits a little before leaving (he still leaves before the applause ends).

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So far, the housing policy has been implemented warmly – this has gotten through by the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness:

The Australian Alliance to End Homelessness welcomes the Labor Party’s announcement of a $ 10 billion fund for setting up the future of housing.

Ending homelessness is possible, our response to COVID-19 showed it – but it needs guidance.

This announcement shows that we and our leadership urge the Morrison government to meet this important obligation.

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And then we come to the conclusion – that seems to be Labor’s campaign plan.

We are all grateful that because of the sacrifice and selflessness of so many people, we avoided the scale of death and trauma, that we see in other countries.

I say to the Australian people, you were great, you were brave, you were determined.

Because it would be a disaster if we emerged from this crisis, if we hadn’t learned anything – and hadn’t changed at all.

What a missed opportunity when our economy comes out on the other side and has nothing to show for this moment of transformation but the largest debt and largest deficit of all time.

If you see this pandemic as an opportunity to build stronger, Labor is on your side.

If you believe older Australians deserve dignity and care in later years, Labor is on your side.

If you believe that a roof over your head can do more than just market forces, Labor is on your side.

When you find that tackling climate change is an opportunity for us to act as a renewable energy superpower and Labor is on your side to create jobs.

If you share our ambition for advanced manufacturing, high quality industries and world class services in a prosperous, outward-looking, ambitious Australia, Labor is on your side.

And if you think that sharing our continent with the oldest contiguous civilization on earth is a source of national pride and the First Nations people in our constitution a Labor is on your side.

I have never lost sight of the power of government to help people reach their potential.

I have never lost faith in our country’s ability to compete and win in the world.

11.03 a.m. BST11: 03

Anthony Albanese continues with Labor’s response to the Respect @ Work report by Kate Jenkin and the National Integrity Commission, which have disappeared into this year’s budget papers (not that this has ever been real).

The report recognized employers’ responsibility to eliminate gender discrimination, sexual harassment and victimization in their businesses.

Labor in Government will work with experts, employers and trade unions to ensure that this responsibility is incorporated into our law is clear, as recommended in the report.

Budget spending was heavily focused on addressing political issues that the government itself created over the past 8 years.

In those 8 long years the government has focused on self-focused and too often treating taxpayers’ money as if it were the money of the liberal and national parties.

Sport-Rorts, Com Community safety rorts, infrastructure abuse, and regional funding have grown with each passing year.

In Tuesday’s budget, they announced or topped up no fewer than 21 separate slush funds valued at $ 4 billion in taxpayers’ money to splash around in the run-up to the next election.

On top of that, there’s an extraordinary $ 9 billion where the only information is « decisions made but not announced. »

And if you got a fair dinkum National Integrity Commission, then you need a federal labor government.

11 a.m. BST 11 a.m.

Labor will build social housing for people fleeing domestic violence, veterans, First Australians and frontline workers so they can live close to where they work. There is also money to repair existing social housing stocks. It will finance the program in partnership with states and stakeholders – and the definition of « frontline worker » will be tightened nationwide:

For this reason, 4,000 of the 20,000 social housing we are creating from this funding will be allocated to women and children, exposed to domestic and family violence, as well as older, low-income women.

We will also provide $ 100 million in crisis and transitional shelters for these vulnerable women.

We will build 10,000 affordable homes for frontline workers – The heroes of the pandemic, the nurses, the police, the rescue workers and the cleaners who protect us.

Some of the worst living standards in the world are supported by our First Nations. As part of our commitment to fill the void, the fund will provide $ 200 million to repair, maintain, and improve homes in remote indigenous communities.

Two weeks after our land came together on ANZAC Day, To explain « Read we Forget, » one in ten people who sleep poorly on the streets in Sydney tonight is a veteran.

Australia needs to do more to care for the brave men and women who wore our uniform.

This fund will provide $ 30 million over the first five years to build more supportive housing and fund specialized services for veterans who are either living or at risk of homelessness.

10:58 a.m. BST10:58

Anthony Albanese then moves on to social housing policy, which is the main policy in this speech:

Mr Spokesman, the safety of a roof over your head should be available to all Australians.

Families struggle with that Meeting rent payments and older women are the fastest growing group affected by homelessness.

I am proud to say that Labor in Government has a Future Australia Future Fund of $ 10 billion with annual return on investment for building social and affordable housing and creating thousands of jobs. (Applause from the Labor Banks.)

Around 20,000 social housing will be built in the first five years, places like the house I grew up in.

Our home gave us so much more than just a place to sleep . It gave my mother and me pride, dignity and security, and it gave me a future … a future that brought me here tonight.

Our housing plan is good for jobs too. This initiative will create over 21,500 jobs each year.

Last year 10,000 mothers and their children who had fled domestic violence were turned away from shelters because there was no bed.

Tonight, Women Crisis Services across Australia have to tell women fleeing violence that they literally have nowhere to stay.

Imagine the impact this has on Having kids and how they feel at school the next day.

Imagine the emotional toll of a mother desperately trying to protect her children but unable to offer them more.

10:57 a.m. BST10:57

I’m trying to remember, but I don’t think the government benches applauded Josh Frydenberg’s speech (there was huge applause at the end during the speech).

It’s all political and visual, of course, but it also shows how uncomfortable the government seems with this budget.

10:54 a.m. BST10:54

More and more of us will live long enough to need additional care in later years.

Neither of us can say that we were not told how to fix the system as the Royal Commission is making extensive recommendations for changes.

The Prime Minister now needs to explain why he made so many of these important recommendations declined.

Or why he chose fewer hours of care than recommended by the royal commission and delivered it much later.

Or why the government congratulates itself on funding new homecare places, if this is not even enough to clear the current waiting list.

A Labor government will not allow elderly Australians to grow old on their own without proper care and dignity.

We will not become the dedicated, mostly female staff Forget about taking care of our elderly, who are almost uniformly understaffed and underpaid.

Elderly Australians were there for us, they paid their taxes, held communities together , raised their families, served their country in war and peace.

Elderly Australians deserve to be respected, to feel safe, to be comforted and to be treated with the utmost dignity.

And a Labor government will provide that care by ensuring that every dollar spent on care for the elderly is used to employ a minimum guaranteed level of nurses, assistants and carers and for everyday needs such as adequate food – and not in the pockets of the more unscrupulous providers.

We also support the Fair Work Commission, which is moving quickly to sensibly raise the wages of geriatric carers.

And we will ensure that the management of dementia care is one The core business is because up to two out of three residents of elderly care are affected.

10:53 a.m. BST10:53

We then come to the start-up program, a political idea that was implemented under the leadership of Bill Shorten and has been taken up again:

My Labor government will set up the « Start Up Year » program, to drive innovation and improve links between universities and entrepreneurs.

Start-up loans are offered to students and recent graduates affiliated with a college or specific private accelerator.

Taking positive action against climate change and moving to net zero by 2050 will create jobs, lower energy prices and lower emissions.

And Labor has a plan to help families and communities do their part to meet this critical goal. A plan to make electric cars more affordable and support the adoption of community batteries.

A Labor government will set up a new energy education program to train 10,000 young people for the energy jobs of the future.

10:51 a.m. BST10:51

The problem with this government is not so much that they are stuck with the past, but that they want the rest of Australia to go back there and keep them company.

Their insistence on energy Looking back, communications, traffic and more has driven our performance down and our costs up.

Since the Liberals drove Holden out of the country, they have hoisted the white flag on production, skills and apprenticeships.

I will no longer see us giving up jobs and industries – and the communities that depend on them.

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