CM – Anti-abortion protesters rave about Brisbane CBD


Nearly 3,000 pro-life protesters attended the March For Life walk in Brisbane’s business district on Saturday afternoon.

Among the guest speakers was Senator Amanda Stoker, Assistant Secretary of State for Women, who said she was done being classified as « anti-women » for her stance.

« It takes courage and integrity to be here despite those you actively demonize for your love and respect for the worth of everyone, » she said.

Senator Matthew Canavan, another speaker at the event, took a stab at the Black Lives Matter movement while advocating the re-coined term « unborn life matter » by MP George Christensen.

« If we had that slogan last year, maybe we could have gathered like others. But we are actually protecting life and supporting life so that we couldn’t, » he said.

Mr Canavan also pledged to take over Mr Christensen’s bill for Baby Born Alive in the event the longtime MP retires as expected.

Cleveland MP Mark Robinson also took the stage calling Labor the « Champions of Death ».

« Are you an advocate of life or someone who goes by and lets death happen, » he said to the masses.

« Shame on you, these deaths are unfortunately in your hands because these are your laws that put them in place, » he said.

« We have about 55 to 60 percent women here today. A lot of younger women have started to come too, » she said.

Kerry Newman, 49, of Park Ridge, was one of the women who took part in the march with her husband and children.

« If a mother is willing to murder her own child in the womb, how low have we become as a society, » she said.


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