CM – Anti-Vax truckies cause traffic chaos during the BLOCKADE on the major motorway in QLD


Rogue truck drivers blocked one of Queensland’s busiest highways as part of a protest against lockdowns and vaccination regulations.

Two trucks were in the lanes of the M1 near Reedy Creek in Monday morning Parked south.

In front of them was a banner that read: « Truckies keep Australia moving, not politicians. »

At 7am, the trucks drove further south after the protesting drivers found out that a horse was stuck in a trailer in a traffic jam.

Previously, one of the participants had told Sunrise that he would rather be arrested than move his truck.

« This is a hit we’re ready, to do what we think is right. « 

He said the protesting group wanted to end the lockdowns, did not want a vaccine mandate and » just open up the country and learn to live with the virus « .


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