CM – Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sued for alleged theft of business ideas


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak faces a million dollar lawsuit for allegedly stealing the idea of ​​a tech school that bears his name.

Connecticut economics professor Ralph Reilly alleges in the Lawsuit that he and Wozniak reached a handshake agreement in 2011 to set up a tech university, Insider reported.

The school would have been dubbed the Woz Institute of Technology, according to the report, relying on Wozniak’s name and reputation as the key engineer behind Apple’s early days.

While the idea never materialized, Wozniak launched in 2017 a similar company called Woz U in partnership with computer camping bootcamp company Coder Camps.

After Woz U started, Reilly emailed Wozniak asking to join the business. This is evident from court records examined by Insider.

« This is exactly what I had in mind for the Woz Institute of Technology when I first approached you with this idea, » Reilly reportedly wrote in an E -Mail.

« You are spot on, » replied Wozniak, according to the report. « You had the right idea … I doubt it would have happened without your original idea! »

But when Reilly followed up and asked to participate in the project, Wozniak reportedly stopped responding.

Reilly is now suing Wozniak for alleged intellectual property theft and copyright infringement. He is reportedly seeking at least $ 1 million in relief and damages.

Insiders reported that Wozniak’s team will argue that he and Reilly never got a solid deal at the university, and that Wozniak usually doesn’t go to the university most business dealings are involved, so matters such as contract negotiations are left to his manager and others on his team.

The case is due to go to trial in Arizona on June 7, and Wozniak was called on to testify, reported Insider.

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