CM – As promised, Elon Musk shares a picture of his puppy « Floki » in Tesla


Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk can’t resist the temptation to tweet about cryptocurrencies, especially his favorite meme-based coins. On Monday, the Tesla CEO tweeted a picture of his dog « Floki » enjoying the sun on a Tesla car. Mr. Musk only said « Floki Frunkpuppy » in the caption. Mr Musk has a habit of sharing cryptic tweets that often stir up secrets instead of exposing them. The dog depicted in the picture was the same breed as the popular meme that Dogecoin represents. However, Mr Musk has not actively supported Dogecoin in the past few days.

While a cryptocurrency used in the Binance Smart Chain is called Floki Frunkpuppy, it was not clear whether Mr Musk was referring to it or just the front trunk of the meant Tesla cars shown in the picture. This new image of the Shiba Inu dog driving in a Tesla car could also mean that Mr. Musk is considering accepting payments in Dogecoin or extending his support to a new Shiba Inu coin. But as is often said about Mr Musk, his tweets hide more than they reveal.

According to Benzinga, the cryptocurrency Floki soared on Sunday – but only briefly. The coin hit an intra-day high of $ 0.00007509

Among those who commented on the thread was Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin, known by the Twitter name « Shibetoshi Nakamoto » / p> Last month, Mr Musk had tweeted that « Floki has arrived ». He also shared a picture of a dog sleeping on the floor. Floki-themed cryptocurrencies had risen sharply at the time.

A Twitter user had asked Mr. Musk to share a picture of his puppy in a trunk – a trunk in front of a car.

But in the past few days it seemed like the SpaceX CEO was focused on sending people into space in his Dragon capsule. But that time is over. With his latest tweet, Mr Musk has shown – once again – that he is very involved in the crypto world.

As much as the popularization of Dogecoin is attributed to him, he will also be responsible for the market crash in April-May of this year made. At that point, Musk and his electric vehicle maker reversed their position in accepting Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, as payments out of climate concerns. Mr Musk then began actively promoting Dogecoin on social media, which increased its value.

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