CM – Aussies hijack a far-right hashtag claiming « Australia has fallen »


Conspiracy theorists use #AustraliaHasFallen to refer to the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility as a « COVID (Concentration) Camp ».

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For months, high-profile Conservative Americans have been sharing their unwanted opinion that Australia is threatened by our COVID-19 Restrictions must be « saved ».

Back in October, Candace Owens compared the alleged « totalitarian regime » of Australia with the Taliban and stated that the US should « invade » the country because the Australians were allegedly « oppressed ».

Republican Senator Ted Cruz shared similar views, calling the Northern Territory’s « COVID tyranny » « shameful » after the prime minister issued a nationwide immunization mandate.

Hell, even podcaster Joe Rogan caught the eye in a satirical Gruen advertisement when he tried to criticize Australia’s ostensible vaccine “propaganda” after falsely claiming that the “army” was doing “crazy shit” eiße ”, such as people in Australia being locked up due to COVID restrictions.

So it’s really no surprise that the far right have tried to suppress these views with a new hashtag to show how urgent it is the Australians need help from this ~ COVID regime ~.

Unfortunately for the Conservatives, the Australians thwarted their plans by hijacking the hashtag #AustralianHasFallen to share the things that citizens are proud of, like our subsidized health care, the lack of gun violence and the generally relaxed way of life.

Hey all Americans who post on the hash #AustraliaHasFallen. Yes, it’s awful here, we are forced to let health care & live without weekly mass shootings. It’s a lie that our coastline is littered with & beaches that you can’t buy with 2 gallons of soda with your lunch. Don’t come here.

# AustraliaHasFallen Day really started on November 29th when a right-wing extremist referred to the Howard Springs Quarantine Facility in the Northern Territory as « Australias COVID (Concentration) Camp ».

« Exactly from this one Our American ancestors gave us the right to bear arms, ”wrote the fake profile, deliberately ignoring the fact that the old mining camp had been converted by the government into a 14-day health facility to help people with COVID – and their close quarters Contacts – isolate if this is not possible at home.

Immediately the Conservative was greeted by confused Australians who did not fully understand the American’s problem with a health facility that offered air-conditioned accommodations with meals provided and medical teams on standby, to deal with the people potentially infected with the virus.

Additionally, people wondered what the T eufel guns had to do with literally anything to get free health care amid a deadly pandemic.

Along with this original tweet also began « hidden camera footage of forced internment camps » showing the « conditions » of Australians in Howard Springs, to circulate in right-wing circles.

Taken by Hayley Hodgson, a 26-year-old who allegedly moved from Melbourne to Darwin to « escape the endless barriers, » the video showed the wild concept of … having an official Policy violation warning.

In the video where the « inmate » claims she felt « in jail » because « what [the facility staff] is doing is inhuman » by being getting people to obey rules, Hodgson can be seen standing up when she asks why? She can’t leave her assigned balcony without a mask.

To fuel these right-wing conspiracy theories even further, Hodgson even conducted an interview with UnHerd – a media company that aims to “flock the herd of new and bold mindsets in philosophy, politics and Challenging Culture ”- after the footage went viral where she claimed that“ investigators ”found her address by running her scooter records and viewing“ footage ”that made her a COVID positive friend.

When approached by officials before she was placed in Howard Springs, Hodgson admitted that she had « lied to the authorities » for getting tested even though she was known to have been in close contact with a positive case. Although Hodgson had literally lied that she had been tested just minutes earlier, she couldn’t understand why the police wouldn’t allow her to « self-isolate like many other people at home. »

Hodgson even claimed the Northern Territory Center for Disease Control (CDC) said she was taken to Howard Springs as « punishment » for lying.

Concentration camp in the penal colony. When the world went insane, the Aussies shot as the worst. #Australia #AustraliaHasFallen

After basing their entire understanding of Australian COVID prevention methods on Hayley Hodgson’s experience at Howard Springs, Conservatives began using #AustraliaHasFallen to describe the country’s approach to dealing with it To criticize COVID-19.

« Can you imagine what WORDS you would feel if you were dragged out of your home as a perfectly healthy person and locked in a quarantine prison for an indefinite period just because some idiot had your name as a contact person or the authorities just picked you? ”One conspiracy theorist tweeted, completely ignoring that Hodgson was a close contact and not“ picked at random. ”In fact, right-wing experts have even used the hashtag to claim, that « Australia’s human rights violations are not on the list », that the citizens must say goodbye to freedom in Australia and that Australia’s supposedly « seen massive concentration camps [have] been seen since Nazi [Germany]. » Thankfully, when Australians saw this trend, they quickly flooded the hashtag with the actual things Australia is « in love » with , like our adorable Cape York ballerinas and the undeniably cute quokkas from Rottnest Island.

Oh, and the simple fact that we don’t live in fear of mass shootings every day and have 784,950 fewer COVID deaths than America.

#AustraliaHasFallen in love with the fact that we don’t have mass shootings and our kids can go to school without being taught how to react if someone walks in with a gun.

#AustraliaHasFallen into a rainy one Summer that is just beautiful. Our garden in Country Victoria is bursting with roses and even the pig faces are lovely.

I’m really looking forward to a relaxed and sociable Christmas season, because * everyone I know * is double-vaccinated. Yay!

In reality the only thing « Australia fell on » is laughing attacks because this baseless « Australia runs COVID concentration camps » movement started by bored Conservatives is actually one Joke is.

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