CM – Australia Covid-Live-Update: Sydney in lockdown as NSW reports 30 new coronavirus cases, NT four, Qld two and WA one


NSW residents experience the first full day of fortnightly lockdown; Perth and the Peel region enter initial restrictions after a returning traveler from NSW tests positive; Virgin Australia flight attendant tested positive. Follow the latest updates

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Hunt is asked if AstraZeneca deliveries should be opened to younger people if they so choose.

AstraZeneca is recommended for ages 60 and over, not recommended under 59, and the situation is that Pfizer’s in particular preferred vaccine is and possibly Moderna and Novavax come on board.

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Hunt is asked if there will be a deal for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The Minister of Health says the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group says no additional shipments of this vaccine are required.

Hunt says problems with blood clots « might well apply to the J&J vaccine – this is a matter they are reviewing » .

He says the J&J vaccine « is unlikely to provide any additional protection or safeguards » to the vaccines Australia already has.

Hunt says the average volume of Pfizer shipments through July will « increase significantly » for all states.

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Hunt says the advice from Australia’s Chief Health Officer, Prof. Paul Kelly, is to focus on protecting remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory after a miner in Central Australia tests positive.

But ours The main concern is, following the advice I have from Paul Kelly and Professor Brendan Murphy, to ensure that everything can be done to protect remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory.

The miner is said to be in a hotel quarantine in Brisbane got infected with the virus. The strain has been identified as Delta, but differs from the Delta variant common in Sydney.

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According to Hunt, 100% of 410 elderly care facilities across Sydney received their first dose of vaccination.

He also says the Commonwealth of New South Wales has offered contact tracing support « when they need it ».

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There were 35 new locally acquired cases across the country by midnight, he says.

He also says there is « very positive news » about vaccine use, especially with the second dose of AstraZeneca.

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The Chief Health Officer of WA, Dr. Andrew Robertson says the woman in Perth was potentially contagious between June 22nd and June 24th.

She attended a small gym called Mobius strength and conditioning and went to the Coles in Ocean Keys later that evening. And on June 23rd she saw some customers and that evening she went to Indian Ocean Brewery.

On the 24th she went to Burbridge Special Skills School and visited some customers there, and in the afternoon she went to Connolly Primary School.

Robertson says she may have visited an Ikea too – but that will be confirmed later.

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These include the Pacific Square shopping malls in Maroubra and the Marrickville Metro. I’ll get you more to it soon.

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Perth and Peel residents are not prohibited from traveling – meaning it is not a lockdown.

But, says Cook, anyone currently in the Perth and Peel areas must adhere to the restrictions even if he is more likely to go to a different region.

If you are in Perth and Peel today and travel tonight, you must wear a mask indoors or outdoors if you cannot physically distance yourself.

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Cook says there is still no medical advice to close schools. He also defended the decision to ban viewers from today’s AFL game.

We have every reason to believe that this is the delta variant. We have to act quickly, consciously and aggressively.

So you could ask the other question: what if we let the footy go on with the mask on and there was a breakout? Obviously people would be very critical of us if we would allow it in this context.

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Cook says the case involves a woman in her 60s from Perth who went to Sydney last week to visit her son who lived there.

On Saturday June 19th , she had lunch with her husband and son at Cafe Lyfe in Bondi. She and her husband then returned to Perth on June 20th, and the cafe was not listed as an exposure site at that time.

On June 21st, she returned a negative result and was allowed to return to the community. On Friday, she found that the Lyfe Café was now listed as an exposure site.

The woman who is a physiotherapist had visited some customers and went to a mall this week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Cook also says there are 252 close contacts in WA from the granite mine, where a worker in the Northern Territory also tested positive earlier this week.

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The new restrictions in Perth and Peel mean that masks will be worn indoors and outdoors where physical distancing is impossible.

Spectators will be immediately banned from the upcoming West Coast Eagles game against Western Bulldogs AFL at Optus Stadium .

Restaurants, fitness studios and places of worship remain open, but must comply with the two-square-meter rule and a maximum of 150 guests.

4.02am BST04: 02

He announces that a physiotherapist from Perth tested positive for Covid-19 after a trip to Sydney.

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There I leave you for today. My colleague Naaman Zhou will guide you through the afternoon. Thank you for reading. It was a journey.

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