CM – Australian politician loses court battle over Twisted Sister’s Song


An Australian politician was ordered Friday to pay Universal Music more than $ 1 million for using the Twisted Sister song « We Are Not Gonna Take It » in his party’s advertising.

The Politician Clive Palmer, a billionaire in the mining industry, had argued in court that the lyrics of the song, which was used to advertise his United Australia Party in 2019, had battered guitars and the line « Australia will not cope ». was his own original work.

However, the band protested violently after fans asked about the ads on Twitter, and Universal Music, which owns the rights to « We Are Not Gonna Take It, » initiated copyright infringement proceedings against Palmer before the Australian federal court.

On a ruling Friday, Judge Anna Katzmann denied Palmer’s claims about the song, calling parts of his account « ridiculous » and « fanciful ».

Palmer gave the during the October trial Proof that he was inspired by the 1976 film Network, in which the sentence « I’m as crazy as hell and I won’t take it anymore! » He said he wrote down the progress of his ideas one day at 4 a.m. and placed the piece of paper on his bedside table, but a staff member picked it up and thrown it away before he woke up.

However, the court heard that one too Video producer who acted on behalf of Palmer reached out to Universal to license the 1984 song from Twisted Sister. Universal cited a fee of A $ 150,000 ($ 116,000), and Palmer’s team made a counteroffer of A $ 35,000, which Universal declined.

Katzmann wrote that Palmer’s refusal indicated that there was a causal link between his song and Twisted Sisters « Despite common sense, fly in the face of contemporary documents and contradict the evidence of its own witnesses ».

Palmer was sentenced to pay Universal Music $ 500,000 in damages. Katzmann added another A $ 1 million in damages for « openly disregarding Universal’s rights » and « presenting false evidence, including drawing up a story to exonerate himself, indicating that both punishment and deterrence are high. » are ». The total is $ 1.16 million.

Universal Music attorney Adam Simpson said the price of additional damages is the highest in Australia for music copyright, « and rightly so. » / p> « The court’s resolve sends a strong message about the unauthorized use of music and that Palmer’s behavior was evident and totally unacceptable, » he said in a statement.

Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider also celebrated won and tweeted: « WE WILL NOT TAKE COPYRIGHT BREACHES !! »

In 2015, Snider initially allowed Donald Trump to use the song as a theme in his presidential campaign, but later withdrew his permission. </ Palmer spokesman Adam Crook said via email that Palmer and his legal team would review the verdict and consider an appeal.

The « Disaster Girl » photo that triggered a thousand memes is the latest it is great as an NFT again .

Polish researchers announced on Wednesday the discovery of the world’s first known case of a pregnant mummy.

The Biden government announced on Friday that it would restrict travel from India as the first U.S. Aid arrived to help the country cope with a rapidly growing COVID-19 crisis. « On the advice of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the government will immediately restrict travel from India, » White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement. The restrictions were announced on the same day that American first aid was flown to New Delhi aboard a US Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft, including 1,100 refillable oxygen cylinders, 1,700 oxygen concentrators and several large oxygen generating units to India to help with the urgent need Meet the country’s need for oxygen-related supplies.

Edelman wanted to raise Leonard because he remembers being « a stupid idiot » about things in the past.

Eric Coomer, Managing Director of Dominion Voting Systems, went into hiding on death threats after creating conspiracy theories that he rigged the election.

Harvey Weinstein’s attorneys are running out of opportunities to stop his extradition to Los Angeles to face 11 rape and sexual assault charges. Weinstein is serving a 23-year sentence in a maximum security prison near Buffalo, New York. His attorneys have tried to postpone his extradition for as long as possible, arguing that his treatment for […]

long before Centner Academy in Miami sparked a national riot by telling teachers to defy Of all the credible scientific advice not to get vaccinated against COVID-19, the school’s founders were determined to do things exactly how they wanted, for better or for worse.

Biden’s continued wearing of a face mask outdoors could cause confusion about it lead how to interpret the new CDC advice, which some have criticized as unnecessarily complex.

Americans believe that President Biden faced greater challenges in the first 100 days of his term in office than his predecessor Donald Trump, and according to one New Yahoo News / YouGov poll outperformed Trump despite these difficulties.

The survey of 1,558 adults in the United States, conducted April 27-29, found that less than a third of respondents believe that Trump’s challenges were greater than Biden’s (31 percent) or that Trump was in the first 100 days his presidency performed better (32 percent). According to pluralities, Biden performed better than Trump (41 percent) despite major obstacles (37 percent).

The positive comparison with Trump underscores a broader perspective for Biden: At the historic 100-day mark, Americans have largely agreed to his presidency so far. In fact, Biden’s overall approval rating is now up to 54 percent, the highest ever in a Yahoo News / YouGov poll, while its disapproval rate is just 37 percent.

In contrast, Trump’s approval rating never rose above 48 percent on average, a high he hit 5 days after his tenure. After 100 days, 53 percent of Americans disapproved of Trump’s performance, while only 42 percent agreed. A majority of Americans continued to disapprove of Trump for the remainder of his presidency.

Body camera footage and a rationale for filming Andrew Brown Jr. are among the details that have not been released.

The actor, who was 13 for was nominated for an Emmy and had a long musical career.

After Lil Durk found out that the O Block was for sale in Chicago, he offered to buy the affordable apartment complex – regardless of the price.

Shortly after midnight on Monday, a mother and two children were awakened by intruders who broke into their home in Walled Lake, Michigan. The mother’s 13-year-old son heard the commotion and quickly woke his 9-year-old brother. Moments later, the two boys’ mother was in her room with a gun, shooting the intruders through the bedroom window. She called her husband, who was working in Detroit overnight during all of this, and he said he could hear the n-word attackers while threatening his family. Two white men and one white woman were charged in the invasion and have set their bonds with the community, and especially the family whose home they allegedly invaded.

Dylan Shakespeare named Robinson for his role in the riot served four years in jail last year.

A 16-year-old boy in Houston was charged with murder for allegedly shooting and killing his stepfather in a local restaurant Wednesday night. Houston police said the family was gathering for a birthday party in the Shabu Zone in Hong Kong City Mall on the 11200 block of Bellaire Boulevard when the shooting occurred just after 6 p.m., Click2Houston reported. According to investigators, the stepson went to the bathroom and returned with a semi-automatic pistol in hand before shooting the stepfather once in the head.


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