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A new study by Anglicare Australia shows that three in four Australians support the creation of a permanent basic income.

As coronavirus restrictions continue to adversely affect the incomes of people living in lockdown areas, a new study shows that three in four Australians support the creation of a permanent basic income.

The study, which Anglicare Australia will publish on Tuesday, August 10th, defines basic income as a universal, unconditional and fair payment to all adults without work or activity tests.

Kasy Chambers, Executive Director of Anglicare Australia, said the increase in income support in 2020 marks the first time Australians have received some form of basic income.

« Lives have been changed and hundreds of thousands of people have been cut off Bringing poverty, « she said.

 » Our study shows that a permanent basic income would secure these benefits and bring many more. « 

The coronavirus supplement has raised people on JobSeeker above the poverty line, said Ms. Chambers and JobKeeper have given stability to those who work insecurely.

Only one in ten respondents said they would reduce their working hours if a basic income were introduced, and Ms. Chambers said it would make room for those who wanted to work more.

Two in five said they would use a basic income to secure their finances, and one in five said it would enable them to improve their skills and education.

The survey found high income insecurity among Australian workers, with young people most affected.

A substantial 56 percent of people under the age of 29 stated that they had had an insecure income in the past year.

« With so many benefits, it’s no wonder so many people are receiving a basic income, » said Chambers.

« An amazing 77 percent of Australians want everyone to be guaranteed a basic income above the poverty line.

“Australia has done this before. Now is the time to do it again – and save it forever. ”

The survey collected data from a representative sample of 1001 Australians between May 6th and 9th, 2021.

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