CM – Biden’s overtures on Iran undermined the US offer to end the Hamas-Israel conflict


In light of the missile escape and escalating violence in the Gaza Strip, the Biden government announced on Wednesday that it had dispatched Deputy Foreign Minister Hady Amr to the region to promote calm between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group. The likelihood of a successful mission is low. But that’s not Amr’s fault. it’s President Joe Bidens. Its foreign policy in the Middle East simply does not align with this mission.

In previous conflicts, senior American officials often found ways to lead both sides to a ceasefire, even when Israel was not entirely satisfied with the results on the battlefield. But Jerusalem always surrendered to Washington in the end, out of consideration for the close ties between the two nations.

Given today’s American foreign policy, it is not clear how that will work. Israeli officials aren’t exactly excited to see America’s view of Iran-backed terrorists like Hamas. Tensions are at a peak thanks to the Biden government’s tenacious insistence that now is the time to re-enter the joint comprehensive plan of action – the flawed 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

Israeli officials are not only unfortunate because they see the deal as a way for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons later, but for another reason: America’s role in what is being agreed will very likely include billions of dollars in cash incentives in exchange for the Islamic Republic temporary nuclear concessions.

The Iranian regime is one of Hamas’ main sponsors. As a result, the Biden government is on the verge of indirectly providing funds to Hamas using Iran as a passageway.

Of course, the Biden government will deny that this is their intention. And to be fair, it probably isn’t. But it will be a by-product of deeply flawed and short-sighted policies.

Officials could try to explain how US money laundering controls and intelligence agencies could prevent this. However, there will be no hermetic solution preventing Iran from sending cash to Hamas. Nor is there any way to stop the flow of weapons or weapons technology that Iran will invariably build with the funds it will receive.

It has long been known that Iran will complete Hamas over the years Provided missile systems, missile parts, assembly training, cash support and other means to enhance the terrorist organization’s military capabilities. In the context of the current conflict, it is widely believed that Iran has provided the Palestinian Islamic Jihad with a new missile, the Badr 3.

Israeli military officials privately note that they have observed other signs of Iranian involvement in the conflict , including possibly the Shihab drone, which was believed to hit the Ashkelon strategic pipeline, but they have yet to be put on record to explain this.

More important is the broader question of what exactly that Biden government in the Middle East wants. The president and his lieutenants have repeatedly claimed that they are trying to free America from the region. In other words, Israel is increasingly alone in an increasingly lawless Middle East.

To make matters worse, this government has put all of its chips in the middle of the table in its attempts to revive the JCPOA. This is an agreement that will strengthen Iran again while weakening Israel and the Arab Gulf States. The Biden people might not put it that way, but it is tantamount to completely realigning the Middle East.

Washington therefore lacks credibility in its efforts to broker an end to the current fighting between Israel and Hamas. And, judging by the decision to send Amr to the United States Mission, that may not even be the goal.

Diplomatic protocol dictates that Amr, a relatively low-ranking official, is not the right person to direct speak to Israel’s top diplomats, military officials and politicians. Biden and his foreign secretary, Tony Blinken, almost certainly understood this when they sent Amr to the region.

Admittedly, Biden’s administrative policy had occasional bright spots. The president decided to end the condemnations of Israel at the United Nations and thus provide cover when Israel struggled with its air defense system Iron Dome to repel volleys after volleys of Hamas rockets.

But like Iron Dome, not every one A diplomatic shield at the United Nations can only help to neutralize a threat for so long. Israel is waging a brutal war against Iran and its proxies. And the White House seems to be throwing its lot on the wrong side in the long run.

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