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Today is a bittersweet birthday for our future King Prince Charles. It was a day like today, November 14th 1948, a future monarch was born into the British royal family. Prince Charles was welcomed into the world at Buckingham Palace. The boy, who has now become a man, is the next on the British throne.

Prince Charles is celebrating his 73rd birthday today and it is unfortunately a bittersweet birthday for him. In the past twelve months there has been a rupture in the royal family, with his brother having legal problems over sex allegations and losing contact with his youngest son, Prince Harry, with whom he has not spoken for months.

Today is also an important day in British history. It is Memorial Sunday when we all remember the loss of those who fell in World War I and World War II. Remembrance Sunday falls on the second Sunday in November and Prince Philip will continue his family obligations and lay the wreath at the memorial in memory of the fallen.

For the prince, not all is doom and darkness. To celebrate his 73rd birthday, The Royal House has released some new photos to celebrate the day. The photos were taken at the Prince’s residence in Gloucestershire earlier this summer. According to Clarence House, the photo was taken this summer by Hugo Burnand, who has taken the prince’s birthday pictures in the past and also photographed the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The prince is handsome and poses in his garden in an elegant suit. May we all wish HRH Prince Philip a happy birthday.

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