CM – Britney Spears always relies on her fiancé Sam Asghari and that’s a big deal


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Looking back on her superstar rise 20 years later, it became clear that Britney Spears’ life was far more threatening than people had thought. The #FreeBritney movement earlier this year revealed the pop star had about as much agency as a kid, from her teenage start to age 39. An involuntary psychiatric stay in 2008 enabled her father to step in as her conservator, and until last week he was in control of her finances, career, and personal life.

Britney testified in June about the restrictions that the Conservatory has imposed on her body and romantic relationship. « I was just told at the conservatory, I can’t get married or have a baby, I just have an IUD in me so I don’t get pregnant, » Women’s Health reported earlier.

But it seems like the tide is finally turning after Britney’s partner Sam Asghari proposed to her on September 12th. The couple met on the set of Britney’s music video for « Slumber Party » in 2016 and soon began dating after.

They are committed to sharing insights into their relationship on social media with training posts and selfies that were taken at Britney’s house. Britney wrote on Instagram that Sam « was with me for both the toughest and the best years of my life. » With so much of her life in order, it seems that Britney’s dream of getting married is finally coming true. At least that’s what it looks like on social media. Body language expert Karen Donaldson has of course analyzed the couple’s gestures and explained what that means for their relationship.

Britney’s crossed arms are a defensive gesture, says Donaldson. Although she is smiling, she is actually embarrassed or uncomfortable and turns to Sam for comfort and reassurance. “We can tell by the fact that she hides her face on the back of Sam’s neck and he delivers. His hand is around her and he proudly (a real smile) covers her head with his, it’s a protective gesture. « 

 » Sam put his hand on Britney’s lap, which is a protective gesture, « stresses Donaldson .

Putting his hand on someone can be a possessive move in some cases, but that instead makes it protective: Sam reaches for Britney instead of putting his arm around her.

With all the strains in Britney’s life Donaldson’s analysis proves that Sam is not one of them.

Here she leans against Sam and puts a hand on his shoulder. At first glance, it might seem like she’s just leaning into the frame for the photo, but it’s more than that, says Donaldson.

Britney shares intimate space, a sign of trust, and her fingers are totally relaxed. This lack of tension in her hand is testament to how Sam feels about her.

Tilting your head says a lot. In this case, it means trust and mutual respect. The less space there is between two people, says Donaldson, the more intimate their relationship is.

By bridging the gap between their bodies, she knows that Britney and Sam care a lot for each other. This body language indicates that two people are in a similar headspace. They are the same and have the same goals.

“This picture looks perfect for the camera. Both Britney’s and Sam’s outward-facing arms are in an unnatural position that makes it look artificial, « says Donaldosn, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to learn here.

Both Britney and Sam have their bodies angled towards each other, which means they really want to be together right now. Sure, the photo is posed, but they want it. They wanted to keep that moment in memory and capture it with a photo that they will always have.


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