CM – BYU President Kevin Worthen gives the soccer team an uplifting message


PROVO, Utah – Kevin Worthen, President of Brigham Young University, recently attended the BYU Fall Soccer Camp Practices.

Worthen, the 13th President of BYU, holds the title of President since 2014. A 1982 graduate of BYU’s J. Reuben Clark Law School, Worthen joined BYU’s university faculty in 1987. Before the spring 2020 pandemic began, Worthen, a former college athlete in eastern Utah, visited often home and away games with the football program. So it wasn’t uncommon for President Worthen to be close to the BYU soccer team.

Kalani Sitake thanked the government of President Kevin J. Worthen on Down for helping to push a soccer season forward last year. It was found that the players felt the support from administrators. #BYU #BYUFootball #BYUMediaDay @kslsports

He shared an inspiring message to the Grating 2021 squad during training last Thursday. BYU’s official soccer social media accounts shared a snippet of the message. Here are the full quotations from Worthen.

“1 Corinthians chapter 12 is about the different parts of the body. And it says: “The eye cannot tell the foot that I don’t need you. And the head cannot say to the arm; I do not need you. We need them all, and for that we are one. « 

 » Well, did you know above all that you represent us? And because you represent us in such a way that you trust one another, love one another, help one another. It doesn’t just send the right message that we want to send to the world. But it allows you to be the perfect kind of soccer team you will be this year.

Thank you President Worthen for speaking with the team during training this week. #GoCougs

“One last thing, there will be times this season, maybe already in this camp and in this camp and in this autumn training, in your own life when it is not good will run. Guaranteed. When that happens, a proverb ascribed to Ralph Waldo Emerson; I’m not sure if it actually was him. But he said, ‘When it gets dark enough, you can see the star.’ You think about it in the heavenly context by saying, as it were, ‘The stars are always there. But only when it’s dark can you see who they are. When you find out who the real stars are, when it’s dark enough, when things aren’t going right, you see the star. « 

 » There are a lot of stars on this team. 123 I think is the number, is that about right? That is what you can do is shine to other people when you see them dejected, when you see they are having a hard time, or when things are not going right; Then you have to be the star.

« When things don’t go right, you have to be the star. So thank you, I’ll spare you the rest of the speech. But we love you We enjoy being near you. We’ll be there so I’m glad Coach [Sitake] introduced us so you don’t think we’re strangers walking around. But thank you for everything you do and also thank you to your great coaching team. ”

The BYU opens the football season 2021 against the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday, September 4th. The game takes place in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium, home of the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders. BYU and Arizona will begin at 8:30 p.m. (MT) on ESPN and KSL NewsRadio.

Mitch Harper is a BYU Insider for and host of the Cougar Tracks Podcast (SUBSCRIBE) and Cougar Sports Saturday (Saturday, 12-3pm) on KSL Newsradio. Follow him on Twitter: @Mitch_Harper.

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