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We’re pleased that the critical health portfolio has been placed in the hands of the Deputy Prime Minister, but it takes real investment to deliver the health care Tasmanians expect and deserve.

Given the years of underfunding and the Failure to reform health, Mr Rockliff will have to be a tough negotiator at the cabinet table as we get closer to the state budget.

We hope that with the lower portfolio burden, the prime minister can now focus on budgeting the people who need it need most urgently, including the 120,000 Tasmanians living in poverty and those who have difficulty finding or keeping a home.

While we welcome the liberation of both Housing and Children from the unfortunate Roger Jaensch, but it is disappointing to see that the housing portfolio is included in a construction portfolio that see r looks similar. It’s an unfortunate reminder that Liberals couldn’t see the human face of homelessness and housing insecurity.

We hope the new Minister for Children and Youth will make the real changes to ensure Tasmania is Australia’s safest state is for children and adolescents.

We urge Secretary Courtney to do what her predecessors failed to do and close the Ashley Youth Detention Center.

If a minister for both parks and firefighting should the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Site be a priority in times of climate crisis.

We also trust that the reappointment of deserved and hard-working Jacquie Petrusma to the cabinet will be another opportunity for change. </ Unlike her deaf-mute predecessor, we hope that Minister Petrusma will understand that the EOI process is important for the E Development in parks and public reserves is extremely unpopular among Tasmanians who want an end to the EOI process.

The world is getting hotter and extreme weather events are affecting Tasmania, but the Prime Minister is not restoring the portfolio on climate change .
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | March 20, 2018

Prime Minister Hodgman has chosen the same person who led the witch hunt for the sale of the wood chip mill in Triabunna as the new Minister for Resources.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | July 12, 2016

There are 36 portfolios shared by nine ministers, including portfolios such as Strategic Growth that does not manage a single act.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Parliamentary activity | November 23, 2020

In last year’s estimates, the treasurer was asked who is a member of the committee for reviewing the cabinet’s expenditure. He was asked again in Question Time on June 12, 2019.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Parliamentary activity | November 23, 2020

Roger Jaensch, who had not hidden from the media for a week, told ABC Mornings: « No decision was made » to weaken rental protection from the pandemic.
Cassy O’Connor MP | Press release | October 2nd, 2020

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