CM – Cal QB Chase Garbers Parents Talk About COVID Situation


The parents of Cal quarterback Chase Garbers said their son is eligible to play and they expect any starter who tests positive for COVID-19 will be available next Saturday when the Bears visit Stanford for the 124th major game .

Grant and Angelique Garbers were part of a well-attended Zoom meeting for the parents of Cal players on Thursday night. Trainer Justin Wilcox and Cal medical representatives took questions and informed them that the total number of positive cases in the program had reached 47 but had not increased since the middle of the week.

« That was kind of surprising, » he added. “The reality is that a lot of guys have tested positive. They did not explain how serious the symptoms are.  »

Cal was playing in Arizona a week ago with no 24 players who tested positive and were in isolation for 10 days. The number of positives within the program – including coaches and staff – grew to 44 earlier this week. December, postpone.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, assistant director of HIV, Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine, was critical of the Berkeley Public Health Department’s mass tests on the team this week after a positive case surfaced almost two weeks ago.

With the program reportedly 99 percent vaccinated, widespread testing is not required unless symptoms occur, Gandhi told The Mercury News on Saturday.

« Of course, when 31 players are symptomatic, they cannot play and have to stay away from others, » said Dr. Gandhi.

The CDC requires 10 days of isolation in these cases, and Grant Garbers said Cal officials told them there were no new positive results this week from the second set of tests, which was either Wednesday or Thursday.

As a result, Cal expects all people who test positive to complete their 10-day isolation before the next Saturday.

« Everyone should be evicted for Stanford, » said Grant Garbers, adding that his son was « pretty asymptomatic » and was evicted later this week.

« Statistically speaking, it seems like an anomaly that so many people who have been vaccinated have become infected with the virus, » said Grant Garbers.

Dr. Gandhi said a vaccinated person’s chances of spreading the virus are greatly reduced.

« What the CDC has really shown us over the past three months is that vaccines definitely reduce transmission, » she said. “Transmission is not impossible, but it is less likely.

Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, a colleague of Gandhi’s at UCSF, said a PCR test could detect inactive viruses – and that’s more likely in young, vaccinated people – but public health officials make decisions based on those to protect those who have a higher age risk than the soccer team.

« Berkeley soccer players live in a community and the health department is likely just sticking to their guidelines, » he said. « And because it’s a community, it has a big impact. »

Chin-Hong added that close contact with a football environment is very different from normal life and while the numbers of the outbreak are alarming, vaccinated individuals do not need to change their behavior outside of the program.

« We’re not talking about vaccine failure here. It’s just the fact that when you talk about a soccer team, infection means different things from someone on the street, ”said Chin-Hong.

« I think the players’ frustration was more of a lack of communication and clarity, » said Grant Garbers. « You could sense a certain amount of frustration with Justin, and rightly so, especially when Berkeley called the sports program. »

Berkeley Public Health released a statement earlier last week that said the team’s outbreak was due to a « continuing failure to adhere to public health measures. »

Grant Garbers plans to play the big game while Angelique will be at the UCLA-USC game to cheer on her younger son Ethan, a Bruins quarterback.
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Chase Garbers scored the game-winning touchdown at Stanford two years ago when Cal lost a nine-year streak in the big game.

« They all want out of there, » Grant Garbers said of the Cal players. “All of these guys who are seniors have been frustrated this year. Not just the COVID, but a difficult start (1-5).

“They got some momentum (with two straight wins), then Arizona. . . A game with a full team would have been the third win in a row. That was hard. »

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