CM – Camilla Parker Bowles can’t stop talking about Joe Biden’s « long fart »


President Joe Biden let out a long, loud fart while speaking to the Duchess of Cornwall at the COP26 summit.

According to an informed source speaking to The Mail on Sunday, the last two were leading Week of small talk at the global climate change meeting in Scotland when the President broke the wind.

Biden met the Duchess on Monday at a reception at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, attended by Prince Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Boris Johnson attended.

Parker Bowles, who has been married to Prince Charles since 2005, was stunned by the gas.

At one point, Biden closed his eyes for 22 seconds before a helper showed up to wake him up.

Biden couldn’t keep his eyes open as he listened to Eddie Ndopu, a disability activist, who began to lose the president when he warned that global warming is threatening « our ability to grow food and even survive. »


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