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Marina Squerciati of Chicago P.D. about Burgess and Ruzek: « They are endgame »

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the Wednesday episode of Chicago P.D. Read at your own risk.

Kim Burgess has just taken a critical step forward in adopting Makayla. In the episode of that week, titled « Trouble Dolls, » the secret service detective made the important decision to declare a legal guardian – someone who would take care of the young girl if anything ever happened to her.

After a heart-to-heart Heart conversation with Platt, Burgess appeared at Ruzek’s door and asked if he would be that person for her. Confused at first (since they haven’t been seen at eye level in the past few weeks), Ruzek accepted the offer and ended their brief argument. While this doesn’t mean the couple are romantically back together, it drives home the fact that they always support each other no matter what they go through.

« I honestly don’t think that will change their relationship as a result « Marina Squerciati, who plays Burgess, told TVLine. “Adam is no longer super mad at her. I think they have a long way to go before they are pair again and I don’t know what that looks like. It feels like there is so much suspicion and misunderstanding between them right now. I don’t know how to get back into a relationship, but no matter what, we are family. « 

Having Ruzek as a safety net for Makayla relieves Burgess, who struggled to reconcile her responsibilities as police officer and mother during the lesson. Makayla had trouble sleeping from nightmares about her previous trauma and began to fall asleep in class Labor, Burgess hesitated to return fire during a shootout with a suspect. However, at the end of the episode, Burgess found ways to defuse those battles by comforting Makayla with a trouble doll to help her sleep and secure Makayla’s future, after declaring Ruzek her guardian.

This doesn’t necessarily have to remedy the situation – it is still a complex situation – but it does give Burgess the mental space to divide up her dangerous job as a gift and loving mother at home .

« I think the balancing aspect of being a working mother will always be there, » explains Squerciati. « About a cop to be tin you have to leave that behind when you step into the fire. I think naming the guardian was one way of bringing that fear to bed. Not naming the guardian and having someone to fall back on made her hesitate in the line of fire. “

In addition to Burgess’ struggles with motherhood, season 8 also addressed police reform with the introduction of Assistant Superintendent Samantha Miller (played by Nicole Ari Parker), who advocated major changes across the department. According to Squerciati, the final two episodes of the season will be a “cliffhanger episode” and a “cliffhanger finale,” which deal with the overarching theme.

« While Voight was in, I think it was more of a fight for an old-school cop breaking through the Blue Wall, « she says. « I think the writers on the last two episodes did a really good job of showing how the old school cop is fighting reform and what changes need to be made. »

Squerciati is committed to her work as a TV – Policewoman fully aware at a time when cop shows are being checked for their portrayal of the police amid the police brutality in real life. Leaning on Chicago P.D. As an expression of art, she says that they also “have a responsibility, especially in Chicago where there are many problems that need to be resolved within the police department.

“ I think it would be irresponsible not to mention it or deal with it on the show. [Showrunner Rick Eid] has brought it to the fore, especially on episodes with [Atwater and Ruzek]. So it is important that we deal with it. It’s not perfect, but we’re addressing it … It would be hard to turn a blind eye to all of the things that are happening. « 

 » Voight is an old school cop, « she concludes. » He started this show very differently so it wouldn’t be true to let him change right away. I think it’s important to watch this fight and to show how far we have to go. « 

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