CM – Chicharito scores 2 goals, Galaxy defeats Quakes


SAN JOSE, California (dpa) – Javier « Chicharito » Hernández scored two goals and the LA Galaxy defeated the San Jose Earthquakes 3-1 in the Cali Clasico on Saturday evening.

Hernández opened in the 11th minute with an attack run through the center of the box and a volley from close range to end the well-placed cross from Samuel Grandsir.

Chicharito gave the Galaxy (7-3-0) a 2-0 lead in the 50th minute and tipped the cross from Kévin Cabral for his tenth goal of the season in the MLS.

Florian Jungwirth from the Earthquakes scored an own goal in the 70th minute to make it 3-0 for LA. Galaxy’s Cameron Dunbar forced the action with a flat hard cross across the 6 yard space that slightly distracted goalkeeper James Marcinkowski of San Jose, causing Jungwirth to misplay it

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Cade Cowell scored in the 82nd minute for the Earthquakes (3-7-1). It was the 17-year-old’s third goal of the season and San Jose’s second goal in the last seven games. San Jose went 0-6-1 over that distance.

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