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CM – Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News and appearing on CNN streaming service

Chris Wallace

said he was leaving Fox News, ending an 18-year run as host of Fox News Sunday, the network’s flagship weekend show.

Mr. Wallace, 74, will be on the show, according to people familiar with the matter upcoming CNN streaming service CNN.

« We are extremely proud of our journalism and the outstanding team that Chris Wallace was on for 18 years, » Fox News said in a statement. « The Fox News Sunday legacy continues with our star journalists. »


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News parent company Fox Corp. and Wall Street Journal parent company

News Corp

share common property.

Mr. Wallace said on his show that Fox News had kept its promise not to disrupt the show’s guest bookings or meddle in any questions.

« After 18 years, I’ve decided to give Fox Wallace said. “I want to try something new, go beyond politics to all the things that interest me. I’m ready for a new adventure. ”

Mr. Wallace, a five-decade broadcast veteran, joined Fox News in 2003. He was one of the most prominent journalists in the station’s news department. He has received praise from peers in the news media world for being tough on newsmakers on both sides in his interviews. His style has sometimes proven unpopular with some Fox News colleagues.

Mr. Wallace has hosted several presidential debates, including the first general election debate of the 2020 election season between the former president

Donald Trump

and then candidate

Joe Biden.

He has been criticized for not being more assertive as Mr Trump often interrupted the process in a chaotic debate. Mr. Wallace later told the New York Times, « I never dreamed it would get so out of hand. »

According to a bio on the Fox News website, Mr. Wallace began his career with a local NBC in 1975 Station in New York. He worked his way up to the upper echelons of NBC’s news division, covering major presidential competitions in the 1980s, and serving as the White House’s chief correspondent. Mr. Wallace later spent 14 years with ABC News serving as correspondent and assistant presenter for « Nightline. »

Mr. Wallace has won several major broadcast awards, including three Emmy Awards and a Peabody Award.


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