CM – Chrissy Teigen speaks in a wordy Instagram post about « cancel club », mental health


Social media energizer Bunny Chrissy Teigen posted an essay-long greeting on Instagram on Wednesday about being part of the “demolition club”.

“[I] don’t really know what to say here « Teigen began – somewhat ironically – from under a first-person view of her jeans-clad legs on her couch, before explaining that it » just feels so weird to pretend nothing happened.  » in this online world. ”“ [I] feel like an absolute S-T in real life, ”she continued. “Going outside sucks and doesn’t feel right. Being home alone with my thoughts makes my depressed head race. But I know whatever I am doing now is not the right answer. I feel lost and have to find my place again, I have to get out of here, I really want to communicate with you instead of pretending everything is fine. « 

Teigen, 35, then switched to a treatise on » Abandon Club, « which, as she explained, » is a fascinating thing « from which she has » learned a great deal « .

« Few understand it and it’s impossible to know until you’re in, » added cookbook author « Cravings ». “And it’s hard to talk about in that sense because you obviously sound weepy when you’ve clearly done something wrong. It just sucks. There is no winning. But there is never here anyway. « 

 » All I know is that I love you, I miss you, and I just needed an honest moment with you guys because I’m just … tired all day being sick with myself, ”the statement ended. “I don’t even know if it’s a good thing to say because it’s being brutally taken apart, but I don’t know. I can’t do this silent S-t anymore! If you or someone you know has also been canceled, please let me know if a club meeting is canceled as I could use some time off my couch! ”

Teigen had one earlier this year quickly disgraced when Courtney Stodden surfaced previous malicious comments Teigen had made about her online. Designer Michael Costello accused Teigen of similar behavior. Teigen apologized for her past behavior, although both she and her husband John Legend denied Costello’s claims.

In late June, Teigen said she was « good » despite the aftermath of the brouhaha. She, Legend and their children – daughter Luna (5) and son Miles (3) – left for a short vacation in Italy in early July, of which she of course shared photos on Instagram.

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