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Football associations UEFA and FIFA have closed previous disciplinary proceedings when players claimed they had been racially abused by an opponent by citing lack of evidence to support their allegations.

File photo of Deportivo’s trainer Clarence Seedorf. AP photo

Players should get yellow cards if they cover their mouths to speak to opponents, soccer star Clarence Seedorf told European lawmakers on Wednesday in a forum about hate speech in sport.

Seedorf spoke to the Council of Europe of 47 Nations, hours before UEFA banned a Slavia Prague player from playing 10 games for racially insulting a black opponent in the Europa League last month. Ondrej Kudela covered his mouth with both hands as he spoke in the ear of ranger player Glen Kamara.

Kudela denied the use of racist language allegedly heard by another Rangers player. UEFA also banned Kamara for three games because they attacked Kudela in the tunnel after the game, which Slavia won 2-0.

The black Seedorf referred the legislature in recent weeks to « some racist situations » and Hate speech among the players.

« We’re talking about sport, it has to be transparent. Then why should I cover my mouth when I have to say something to my opponent? » said the former Dutch midfielder.

Seedorf said it could « be attacked very easily by following some rules », such as a yellow card for speaking to a referee or with a covered mouth to opponents. UEFA may propose such changes to the IFAB, a governing body, supported by FIFA.

The football associations UEFA and FIFA have closed previous disciplinary proceedings when players claimed they had been racially abused by an opponent by citing lack of evidence to support their allegations to have. Violators face a “ban of at least 10 games or a certain period of time or other reasonable sanction” under UEFA Disciplinary Act.

Seedorf said too much talk and not enough was done to prevent hate speech in football stadiums and on the field.

« I can’t be happy that certain things are changing so slowly because the need is obvious and very urgent, » said the former Ajax, Real Madrid and AC Milan midfielder – the only one Player who won the European Cup with three different clubs.

Citing George Floyd’s assassination in the US last year, Seedorf said football and authorities should encourage fans to record incidents of racism and hate speech by:  » capture those moments « and send the footage as evidence.

 » If it wasn’t for the people around George Floyd, we wouldn’t be talking today and we would not have had any motion over everything that happened and we would not have this policeman in court, « said Seedorf.

Seedorf spoke after UEFA official Michele Uva told the forum that the European Football Association was setting a good example I want to go ahead and work with authorities that take action against discrimination.

Seedorf later called for more diversity in football by citing too few black coaches in clubs and too little involvement in institutions such as UEFA and FIFA.

« This is where we have to start, where we lead by example, » he said. « From there, I think you are in a much better position to ask other people to change too. »

The 90-minute event in Strasbourg, France, was hosted by the European organization advocating for Upholding human rights and the rule of law in Europe.

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