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Cloudian updated its HyperIQ storage observability and analytics tool this week to make it easier to manage complex, geographically dispersed HyperStore object storage environments.

The latest version added replication monitoring across HyperStore clusters , Multi-cluster management with a single instance of HyperIQ and single sign-on for everyone with appropriate permissions for the tool.

According to Larry Meese, Vice President of Products and Solutions at Cloudian, Federated Management was one of the am Frequently requested functions by HyperIQ customers. Prior to this update, each Cloudian HyperStore or HyperFile NAS controller instance required its own dedicated instance of HyperIQ. « With federated management, managing HyperIQ becomes a lot less complex, » Meese said, adding that a single HyperIQ instance can manage up to 16 Cloudian storage clusters.

The update also added the ability to get transaction details on S3 buckets. This provides some protection against ransomware, Meese said, as customers can log and review all attempts to access or delete data in S3 buckets.

Cloudian HyperIQ is a monitoring tool that first came out in June 2020 with the The aim was to provide useful, actionable information about customers’ Cloudian infrastructure. It collects information such as the speed with which data is read and written, the storage capacity of each node and user activities such as API usage or cloud transactions. Customers can use this information to perform predictive maintenance, such as: For example, replacing nodes that are about to fail due to abnormal performance degradation, or adding more nodes to a cluster when capacity thresholds are exceeded.

Storage environments are becoming larger and more dispersed, making it more difficult for customers to Keeping an eye on the state of their infrastructure, Meese said. This week’s update, he said, makes that task easier by reducing the number of HyperIQ instances an administrator needs to keep track of and by allowing administrators to create an « allow list », the HyperIQ, through single sign-on – Granted access to other IT teams, such as security.

« You can give access to anything that happens in HyperIQ, but everything that happens is a lot, » said Meese. « Alert fatigue was something we had to address and the allow list is a step up. »

HyperIQ has APIs that allow third-party tools like Slack and Splunk to pull its data, but integrations with security tools are loud Meese is still on the roadmap. Indexing and searching for Cloudian environments will be available sometime in the next year as well as some automation features.

Two of the features in the latest update to Cloudian HyperIQ address security, an area of ​​focus due to the rise in ransomware attacks becomes the norm for storage vendors, said Scott Sinclair, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, a division of TechTarget. In the past, a storage administrator wasn’t worried about access logs, but ransomware attacks have built security features into products that were overseen by people outside of traditional security teams.

For large companies, cross-organizational collaboration on a security strategy is still one of them Challenge, Sinclair added, and HyperIQ’s additional single sign-on capability is a great way to address it. A warning of possible unauthorized access doesn’t necessarily make sense in the hands of an IT administrator, but with single sign-on companies can ensure that the warning gets to a security officer.

Aside from cyber threats, storage providers recognize that customer environments are becoming larger and more dispersed, adding complexity and creating a demand for tools that customers can use to monitor and optimize their storage infrastructure, Sinclair said.

« Businesses are realizing they need better tools to quickly identify problems and act on it, « he said.

Innovation in storage is no longer about providing a » nice box to stow things away « , it is about giving customers insight into how they are using their data, securing it and manage it, added Sinclair. He noted that Dell EMC has a similar product to Cloudian HyperIQ called CloudIQ that monitors Dell EMC storage systems, and Hitachi Vantara also has analytics capabilities.

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