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All the latest Martech and Adtech news from Intuit, Mailchimp, InMoment, Zeotap, Salesforce, Nielsen, PubMatic, Contxtful, Neustar and MessageMedia

Rumors about the acquisition of Mailchimp by Intuit have proven to be true medium-sized financial technology provider buys the martech player for 12 billion US dollars.

Intuit, which makes products like QuickBooks, Mint and TurboTax, said the Mailchimp acquisition will accelerate two core business priorities: to become the center of small business growth; and the disruption of small and medium-sized businesses.

The goal is to create an end-to-end platform for customer growth for small and medium-sized businesses, from marketing their businesses online, managing customer relationships, accessing insights and analytics, paying, access to capital, pay employees, optimize cash flow and complaint. Intuit said users will be able to combine customer data from both platforms to form a single source of truth.

Founded in 2001, Mailchimp has more than 13 million users worldwide and 800,000 paying customers, and delivers 2.2 million artificial intelligence (AI) -based predictions every day.

The transaction includes approximately $ 300 million in assumed transaction bonuses for Mailchimp employees that are issued in the form of restricted stock units and expensed over three years. The remainder of the consideration will be a mixture of cash and Intuit common stock.

“Expanding our platform to be at the center of the growth of small and medium-sized businesses will help them meet their key financial challenges. The addition of Mailchimp supports our vision to provide an end-to-end customer growth platform that will help our customers grow and run their businesses and entrust them with the power of data to thrive, ”said Sasan Goodarzi, CEO of Intuit .

Our second acquisition news this week is about InMoment, which has completed the purchase of structured and unstructured data analytics provider, Lexalytics, for an undisclosed amount.

Lexalytics provides cloud and on-premise natural language processing technology and machine learning tools to interpret structured data, text and unstructured data from various sources including chat logs, call centers, voice, reviews, social and support tickets. It’s another example of a customer experience technology player using text and conversational analytics to help brands improve customer management.

As part of the deal, InMoment is combining Lexalytics with its XI platform to help companies collect feedback on activities such as social media monitoring, reputation management, voice of customer and employee management and analytics. The vendor claimed the deal had the most industry records of any other vendor with native text analytics in 24 languages.

Lexalytics customers include Hootsuite, Transcom Worldwide, Altair, Kaplan and Biogen. Under the agreement, Lexalytics employees, including founder Jeff Catlin, will remain in their positions.

The customer data platform (CDP) provider, Zeotap, has announced an extension of its Series C round by $ 11 million. The decision comes after the company raised $ 42 million in July 2020, followed by an initial $ 18.5 million extension in November from SignalFire’s breakout fund.

This new expansion is intended to allow new investors such as Liberty Global Ventures and Richard Pennycook CBE to come on board after oversubscribing previous rounds. It brings Zeotap’s total funding to $ 90 million so far, less than two years after the platform launched. It also comes after the company posted ARR growth of 126 percent in 2020, which is a 201 percent year-over-year increase in subscription revenue.

Zeotap’s claim to fame is a CDP designed to meet more demanding compliance requirements across the European market. The universal ID solution ID was introduced last year as a tool for brands and publishers looking to a cookie-less future. The provider recently also introduced predictive audiences to create and activate segments without special data science know-how.

Zeotap’s clients include Virgin Media, DER Touristik and Nestlé, and the company works with more than 60 leading European publishers in the field of ID.

Salesforce has introduced new enhancements to its Marketing Cloud offering designed to help brands personalize digital and human interactions in real time and optimize marketing impact with unified analytics. Recent additions include AI-powered segmentation and content generation, real-time personalization again with AI to create one-to-one moments at scale, and other tools to optimize first-party data in marketing and promotional activities.

For example, Salesforce CDP now has Einstein Engagement Scoring, which allows marketers to leave out users who are unlikely to be interacting with email or mobile devices and instead use other channels like advertising or social media to interact with them to interact. Einstein Designer, first announced over 12 months ago, is also available within the content creation platform, along with new Interaction Studio templates for use at ATMs, point of sale and call centers.

In addition, Salesforce has completed a new integration between Interaction Studio and Salesforce CRM for real-time insights into customer behavior, segmentation and next best actions, and has added Datorama Connectors to its CDP and Interaction Studio toolkit.

Nielsen audience data is now available through PubMatic Audience Encore as part of a new partnership that enables advertisers to purchase premium omnichannel inventory that is combined with Nielsen data for more precise media targeting.

Through this collaboration, brands will have access to Nielsen’s premium audience data, as well as insights into consumer behavior, preferences and purchase decisions. Nielsen’s records include FMCG data, credit card transaction data, psychographic data, intent and interest data. These records can be layered across PubMatic’s auction packages or private marketplaces and used for trading through PubMatic’s Audience Encore platform to target advertisements on premium omnichannel inventory.

According to PubMatic, the Nielsen partnership is building on its strategy of offering advertisers a holistic, privacy-oriented approach to using premium audience data for effective targeting in the future without third-party cookies.

“With the widespread adoption of premium programmatic deals, the need to bundle high quality records with premium inventory is greater than ever. The partnership between Nielsen and PubMatic provides marketers with a high level of consumer intelligence while optimizing their advertising investments across all touchpoints on the consumer journey, ”said Daisy Smith, Associate Director of Nielsen Australia for Nielsen Marketing Cloud.

Canada-based adtech startup Contxtful has removed the wrappers from Receptivity, a new metric for the advertising industry that it hopes will improve understanding of advertising impact.

Receptivity analyzes every user of a website or app in real time to determine how receptive they are to seeing an ad in its context. Using data from smartphone sensors combined with patented algorithms and advanced machine learning, this can be used to determine the exact situations in which consumers will see a particular display, such as whether they are lying down, holding their phone, or pointing at their screen are. The company said it was an answer to the big question: are people in a context that can predict a higher level of alertness?

The goal is to help advertisers target world class audiences and enable publishers to nurture their premium readership for programmatic and non-programmatic mobile ad inventory. In recent business cases, Contxtful claimed that Receptivity saved advertisers between 15 and 25 percent of their programmatic media spending by targeting their advertising investments with the most receptive audiences.

« We believe our solution has the potential to redefine how businesses interact with their online consumers by adding human context to the equation, » said Guillaume Bouchard, CEO of Contxtful. « Understanding the real-time behavior of users interacting with their mobile devices is of paramount importance in creating better ads, improving the user experience, customizing content, and promoting healthier advertising practices. »

Another acquisition this week comes from TransUnion, which has signed an agreement to purchase the identity resolution company Neustar for $ 3.1 billion in cash.

It is TransUnion’s largest transaction in its history and aims to expand its digital identity capabilities, which are currently focused on credit solutions, to digital marketing and fraud prevention through new data and analytics tools. The company said these would help identify behavioral insights, secure transactions across a variety of channels, and deliver better consumer experiences.

For example, Neustar’s OneID platform will be integrated with the digital identity feature that TransUnion has built and acquired over the past few years through the TLO data assets and fusion platform, iovation device reputation network and Tru Optik’s digital marketing capabilities.

TransUnion takes over Neustar from a private investment group led by Golden Gate Capital and with a minority stake from GIC. It is expected to add $ 575 million in revenue and $ 115 million in adjusted EBITDA in 2021.

“The credit information and analysis provided by TransUnion enables trust between consumers and businesses. As digital commerce continues to grow worldwide, TransUnion’s powerful digital identity assets, enhanced by Neustar’s unique data and digital resolution capabilities, will enable safer and more personalized online experiences for consumers and businesses, « said Chris Cartwright, President and CEO from TransUnion.

The fourth acquisition in this week’s roundup is from MessageMedia, which acquired Mercury SMS, a Salesforce-native SMS platform from Aprika.

The business news provider said the purchase gives Salesforce users access to MessageMedia’s SMS expertise and sending and receiving two-way text messages with their customers and delivering SMS campaigns to contact groups of everyone Size, with efforts managed through a single hub. Mercury SMS’s messaging solution integrates with the Salesforce platform, so users can receive and reply to messages in real time via the Salesforce Message Feed, built-in automations, or the Salesforce Mobile App.

MessageMedia has been the sole messaging solution provider for Mercury SMS since 2014. Acquiring the platform will enable existing Mercury SMS customers better service and functionality, according to the provider.

« The team’s [Mercury SMS] services complement our platform and expand our commitment to delivering exceptional mobile engagement for SMBs worldwide, » said Paul Perrett, CEO of MessageMedia. « Mercury SMS has a strong reputation and reputation with its customers, and we are excited to bring a cutting-edge text messaging solution to MessageMedia’s 65,000 customers and Salesforce users worldwide. »

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