CM – CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, 63, announces the end of “grueling” chemotherapy treatment


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CNN International host Christiane Amanpour said in an interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts that she has reached the end of her last round of chemotherapy after 18 weeks of treatment.

In June, the 63-year-old announced that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After a successful operation to remove the cancer, Amanpour underwent 18 weeks of “grueling” chemotherapy. The long-time international moderator and moderator described the last 18 weeks as “grueling, tiring, tiring and also emotionally exhausting. Not to mention physical and can be scary. ”

She has worked with a surgeon and oncologist at Royal Marsden in London for the past four months, which works with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas and Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York is one of the top three cancer research and treatment centers in the world, she said in an interview. Amanpour says she was « so lucky » and was supported by her friends, family, colleagues, bosses and doctors.

In an interview with Roberts, Amanpour focused not only on their health, but also on getting women to stand up for themselves and listen to their bodies in a medical setting. « But above all, and this is so important, it was the early detection on my part and by my doctor, » she said in the interview.

« I was not deterred when I felt an unusual pain, and I followed it through to the end when I got my very first ultrasound – which is the measure of whether you have a baseline to know whether you recognized it early [and] in time and therefore can heal it, and I use that word on purpose or not, ”she said. Amanpour went on to explain that she was lucky enough to discover it early enough to hopefully be cancer-free after treatment. If she hadn’t stood up for herself and sought help, things might have turned out differently.

“Now is the end of my chemotherapy that I announced in June. Tomorrow is my last session after 18 weeks, ”says @camanpour @robinroberts of her cancer journey and attributes early detection to early detection.

Early detection and lobbying were important for Amnapour from the start. When she first published her diagnosis in June, she focused on using her platform to encourage women to listen to their bodies for the best chance of early detection. « I am telling you this in the interests of transparency, but also in truth, mainly as a call for early detection, » she said. “Always listen to your body, and of course, make sure that your legitimate medical concerns are not alluded to or mitigated.” There are many types of ovarian cancer, but it is usually categorized as the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells leading to one Tumor in or around the ovaries. Ovarian cancer ranks fifth among cancer deaths among women, and the risk of being diagnosed is one in 78. It is estimated that around 21,410 cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed in 2021.

The survival rate varies depending on the stage the cancer is in when it is discovered and the type of ovarian cancer. But if it’s detected and treated at an early stage, the five-year survival rate can be over 90%, according to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Typical treatment for ovarian cancer involves both surgery and chemotherapy, as Amanpour went through . Doctors are often able to remove cancerous tissue during surgery, and then chemotherapy is typically used to (hopefully) shrink and kill the cancer cells forever. Patients often work with surgeons and medical oncologists to determine the right unique treatment plan for them, according to the CDC.

After intensive surgery and 18 weeks of chemo, we hope and can’t wait to see a full recovery from Amanpour to be seen on TV again soon!


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