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Award-winning international correspondent Christiane Amanpour announced on Monday that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In an on-air appearance, she thanked her CNN colleagues for being covered for the past four weeks, « which was a little rollercoaster ride for me, » she admitted. « During that time, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, like millions of women around the world. »

She had successful surgery to remove the cancer, she added, and is now undergoing several months of chemotherapy. She noted how grateful she was to have health insurance through work and “incredible doctors” thanks to the UK’s National Health Service. She wanted to share her diagnosis, she said, « to urge women to educate themselves about this disease, get all regular checkups and scans, always listen to your body and of course make sure your legitimate doctor is worried about not being dismissed or Amanpour joined CNN in 1983 as a desk assistant and quickly trained in conflict reporting in Europe and the Middle East. In 1992 he became the cable news broadcaster’s international chief correspondent. Amanpour also joined CBS ’60 Minutes in 1996, where he was a special correspondent. After leaving CNN for a brief period on ABC News in 2010, Amanpour returned to CNN and is currently hosting her own self-titled international affairs show for the network. She also hosts a PBS interview show, Amanpour & Company, which debuted in 2018 and filled the vacancy of outgoing host Charlie Rose.


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