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Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe appears during his appearance at the Ice House Comedy Club on March 15, 2019 in Pasadena, California.

Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe is under fire after using racial slurs over an Asian stand-up comic that featured him on a comedy show in Austin. Peng Dang posted a video of the incident on Twitter on May 11, 2021. The video clip sparked outrage on social media, including calls to « cancel Tony Hinchcliffe. » After the Chinese introduced Dang Hinchcliffe at a May show in Austin at the Vulcan Gas Company, Hinchcliffe took the stage and said : « How about that dirty little bastard again? was up here right now? All you do as a racing traitor is tire and roar. I was back watching you throw up in a goddamn bucket. « Hinchcliffe then used a fake Asian accent and said, » Oh, we make gunpowder. Oh, you want extra soy sauce. Oh, you borrow money from us. « Hinchcliffe switched to his normal voice and said, » And you just eat it up. You f ****** p ******. « The clip then ends.

Hinchcliffe hasn’t brought up the controversy over his comments, but the controversy has already resulted in repercussions for the comedian. Antone’s Austin nightclub tweeted, » We’re no longer working with or hosting Tony Shows more. Antones is strong against hateful speech and racism of any kind. « He was also scheduled to perform with Joe Rogan on May 12th at The Creek and Cave in Austin, but the owner said on Facebook he will no longer appear and he will has been removed from Instagram promotional materials.

Hinchcliffe, who is known for his slut comedy and has written for the Comedy Central Roast series, is a frequent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and is one of the comedians featured in Rogan will perform at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. He moved to Texas with Brian Redban and Rogan, the podcast co-host of « Kill Tony ». Rogan plans to open a comedy club in Austin with the aim of turning the city into a stand-up hub.

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Last week in Austin, I raised Tony Hinchcliffe. He said that. Happy Asian (AAPI) Heritage Month!

Dang posted the Hinchcliffe clip on Twitter and wrote: “Last week in Austin, I had to speak to Tony Hinchcliffe. He said that. Happy Asian (AAPI) Heritage Month! « Dang has appeared on shows with Hinchcliffe in the past, including his previous performance, according to his social media.

According to his website, Dang is » a Chinese citizen who does stand-up comedy in the United States. He is a professional comedian, member of Stars of Tomorrow, who regularly performs in prestigious clubs such as The Improv Comedy Clubs and Hyena’s Comedy Nightclubs. … He was born and raised in China. He moved to Alabama to complete a college education. Living as a Chinese citizen in the south gave him the early inspiration for the comedy. « 

Dang told TMZ: » I don’t know his intention behind this. But I can tell you that I’ve been in this country for almost 11 years. I lived in Alabama, Georgia, Texas and I’d never heard anyone call me that C-word. I was very, very shocked when I heard it. … The ironic part that I was just talking about from the stage, my whole set was about stopping Asian hatred. I had a ton of jokes about stopping Asian hatred. And the audience responded very positively to it. I got breaks for applause and laughed. But when he said what he said, part of the audience was visibly uncomfortable. Especially the female audience. But I think those who laughed are a very small part of the audience. « 

Dang told TMZ that Hinchcliffe had resumed his set and, » He said he spent another two minutes talking about his Chinese jokes and he bragged that he was once because of a Chinese audience of his offensive Chinese jokes and he kicked that Chinese audience out and then he joked and said, « That’s what I call a Chinese takeaway. » More of what Hinchcliffe said after Dang introduced him can be seen here:

In the longer clip, Hinchcliffe can be heard saying, « That damn Chinese guy is right there. I wonder, » What is the problem dude? « These tables are all packed. He says, » You’re making fun of Chinese, I’m going to beat you up. « So I’ll make another 12 minutes of Chinese jokes. Chinese jokes I’ve never had … » You have to go to yours Return seat buddy. This is how this f ***** virus started, people are like you. “

Dang told TMZ: » As a comedian, I can respect his profession, if that was just his set, if that was part of his story I won’t say anything about it.  » I had a problem with it when he used the C-word, the Asian racial fraud, which I mostly struggled with. “

The video clip posted by Dang was viewed more than 1 million times on Twitter and YouTube and immediately sparked outrage at Hinchcliffe, generating the hashtag #CancelTonyHinchcliffe.

Comedian Brooks Whelan tweeted, « Dude @TonyHinchcliffe, you always sucked. But that’s the next level, for you too, man. Too bad town. » Samantha Ruddy added, « In the days to come, people will decipher the backlash against Tony Hinchcliffe, who is cruel to his MC Peng, as « break culture ». They will say no one can take a joke. There was no joke. No misdirection. No wink. All he has to do is share anger with someone who is not white. « 

Jim Hews tweeted, » This is damn mad. I’m trying to give comics I don’t know well the edge of the doubt, even if they’re playing Edgelord. But @TonyHinchcliffe is a sad little boy. It should He’s lucky that Joe Rogan is his stepdad or whatever is going on there. « Zach Broussard added, » Tony Hinchcliffe is not going to make this year’s list of Top 1000 Comedians for the record because * BOTH * racist * AND * not funny. It has nothing to do with the fact that he looks like a little Leaguer who went gray after being struck by lightning. « 

Comedian and writer Guy Branum tweeted: » One of the The strange fallacy in conversations about comedy right now is that pointing out how awful this is attacks the purity of comedy and truth clarification. These jokes are hack, this is bad writing. The paying audience should get more than you Ma steal material from a clan rally. Shit like this is an attempt to marginalize comics like this
@pengdangcomedy to the audience and industry to make sure white straight guys are the only viable stars and headliners. Before you worry about Tony getting canceled, realize that Tony worked hard to get Peng canceled. “

Do people really think Tony Hinchcliffe meant business? He was obviously trying to shock and fry this guy. You can say you don’t find it funny, but it’s not racism. Racism is not just a phrase. When you’re an adult, intent and context are important.

Luis J. Gomez tweeted, “Do people really think Tony Hinchcliffe was serious? He was obviously trying to shock and fry this guy. You can say you don’t find it funny, but it’s not racism. Racism is not just a phrase. When you are an adult, intention and context are important. « 

Josh Denny added, » I like the way zero (context) is included. I’m sure @ TonyHinchcliffe’s POV has more to offer, otherwise it’s just HILARIOUS. « 


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