CM – Congress wishes Prime Minister Narendra Modi a birthday, but says the country is paying the price for its “failures”


Supriya Shrinate said she prayed that God would give the Prime Minister the wisdom to see what he led the country to do.

Published: September 17, 2021 17:41 |

Last updated: September 17, 2021 7:44 PM

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NEW DELHI: Congress wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday for his 71 « and » High Prices Day « .

 » There would have been no ‘National Unemployment Day’ if the BJP for the public and not for their ‘friends’, « Gandhi said in another tweet in Hindi.

Congress spokesman Supriya Shrinate said the birthdays of former prime ministers are celebrated as separate days, with Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday as a » day of Children « , Indira Gandhis as » National Integration Day « , Rajiv Gandhis as » Sadbhavna Day « and Atal Bihari Vajpayees as » Good Governance « day ».

She said she prayed that God would give the Prime Minister the wisdom to recognize what he has led the country to be because of its “incompetence and insensitivity”.

« It is the Prime Minister’s birthday and from this platform we wish him a happy birthday.

We pray for his Welfare, but we believe this day is celebrated in many parts of the country as Unemployment Day, Anti Farmers Day, High Prices Day, Crippled Economy Day, Capitalists Friends Day, as well as ED, IT, CBI Raid Day and Corona Mismanagement Day, « Shrinate told reporters.

 » We believe you have failed on several fronts for the past seven years and we hope and pray that God will give you the wisdom to see that You led the country to it.

Here you failed and today India pays a heavy price for it, « she also said.

Claiming that jobs are being lost every month, she asked, » Where are these two Millions of jobs a year, would you want to ask? Why are 61 government vacancies? « Given that farmers have been protesting for nine months with no solution in sight, Shrinate said the high prices of gasoline, diesel, gasoline, cooking oil, legumes and essentials making people’s lives harder.

She claimed that demonetization and GST had paralyzed the economy, resulting in MSMEs and small business closures as investment in the consumer chain was completely disrupted.

« Even so, you put India up for sale to some of your friends, so it is important that we call it the Punjipati Poojan Divas (Capitalist Friends Day), » she said.

Shrinate also claimed, that the country faced shortages of vaccines, oxygen and vital medicines during the Covid crisis as the Prime Minister was too busy with elections and the “red flags have been tampered with to suit his image”.

“The prime minister broke the framework of our constitution and violated the very foundation of our democracy, so maybe the ED, IT, CBI raid divas are here a fitting stamp, « she claimed.

Congress chief Shashi Tharoor wished Modi many healthy years in the service of the nation on his birthday.

 » May he be able to work more successfully in the next two years to ensure that Vikas actually does rises in our country and really is ‘sab ka’ and ‘sab ka saath’! May he create work for the Indian people too, « he said.

Regarding the government that administered more than two million doses of vaccine on the day, Shrinate said it would like the BJP and its leadership to get out Headline Management Coming Out.

India needs a vaccination and only a small fraction of the population is vaccinated and 113 nations are ahead of India, she claimed.

« Why is the BJP so obsessed with making headlines? If it is not a continuous process, the question we are raising, « she said.

The Mahila Congress also launched a protest march against rising prices of vital raw materials and asked the Prime Minister for answers as to when his promise of » Achche Din  » is redeemed.

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