CM – Corey Seager returns to Dodgers after a « very frustrating » recovery


An original – overly optimistic – prediction said the shortstop would return to the Dodgers lineup four to six weeks after a break in the right hand when it was hit by a pitch on May 15. That changed to a more realistic six to eight weeks.

He seemed well on his way back in early July … then right after the All-Star break … then at home against the NL West-leading Giants during the series last week.

But none of this has been proven to be true. Seager was eventually activated by the casualty list and returned to the line-up in Arizona Friday night – almost 11 weeks to the day after his injury.

« I’ve had some setbacks. I’ve had some things that didn’t feel as good as I wanted them to. It was unfortunate. Bad luck, for sure, ”said Seager on Friday.

“They (the healing bones) just weren’t growing as fast as you wanted them to, and it was causing irritation and pain. I could probably have played earlier, but it wasn’t worth it. You don’t want to come back for a game and then something happens. It was one of those things that it didn’t react the way we wanted it to.  »

For someone who skipped most of the 2018 season to recover from elbow and hip surgery, the experience was a new frustration.

« It was very frustrating, » he said. “I got close a couple of times, played a couple of games and it wasn’t right. You want to be right when you’re out there. It was unfortunate. But I’m ready now.  »

The Dodgers acquired the all-star shortstop Trea Turner as part of their trade deadline bonanza. Both Andrew Friedman, president of the Dodgers baseball division, and manager Dave Roberts said no decision about playing time will be made at Shortstop until Turner arrives and they can discuss it with him. Turner is currently in COVID IL and is not expected to join the Dodgers until next week.

« I want to speak to Trea, » said Roberts. “Corey has been our shortstop for many years and he’s a first class shortstop, as you mentioned and Andrew mentioned. Trea is in the same caliber right there. … So I’ll talk to him and find out what is best for him, for our club.

“But this guy (turner) can do so many things on a baseball field, and right now he’s a dodger. Corey is a dodger. It’s about winning and we’ll put the pieces together.  »

While Seager is moving to Free Agency this winter, Turner is eligible to arbitrate this winter and can only become a free agent after the 2022 season.

« It’s not something you really think about, » Seager said as he saw the Dodgers trade for another shortstop. “You’re just excited to add such a good piece. We’re adding some really good pieces to our team that will really help us along the way.  »

Seager insisted he not respond to the deal by wondering how it would affect him personally.

« To be honest, no, » he said. “You’re happy to add guys like that, whether they’re pitchers, positional players, playing your position or not. If you can add elite talent like us, it will help you, it will make you a better team.  »

Seager has played third base in the past. Turner has played second base and center field as well as shortstop. But Seager said he hasn’t been told how the two will fit in the same field.

« That’s not really my decision. That’s your decision, ”said Seager. “I would like to play shortstop. I want to play shortstop. But we’ll see where it goes.  »

While Turner is unlikely to join the Dodgers until later, Danny Duffy and Max Scherzer are expected to join the team this weekend in Arizona. Duffy is currently on the IL with a flexion load and will be meeting with the Dodgers’ training staff.

Scherzer put in six innings on his last start for the Washington Nationals on Thursday, and Roberts said Scherzer plans to hold his side session between starts on Sunday. He is expected to make his first start for the Dodgers on Wednesday against the Houston Astros at Dodger Stadium.

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Dodgers (TBA) at Diamondbacks (RHP Merrill Kelly, 7-7, 4.39 ERA) Saturday, 5:10 pm, SportsNet LA, 570 AM

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