CM – Coronation Street’s missing characters make for a dramatic return


Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 9:53 a.m.

By Kelly O’Sullivan

Corrie’s missing characters are set to make a dramatic return next week.

Leanne Battersby, Nick Tilsley and Simon Barlow haven’t been on our screens since April 12th after hiding after receiving threats from drug dealer Harvey.

We’re going to be one next week We’ll receive an update on the three characters if we join them in their secret location and see how they’re doing in their new surroundings.

On the streets, returning character Sharon Bentley seems keen to find out where Leanne is going disappeared and contacts Nick’s son Sam Blakeman as part of their mysterious plan.

After Peter Barlow was hospitalized for his liver transplant, Sharon encouraged Sam to share what happened to Nick so he could take on the important news Peter’s son Simon can pass on.

While Nick is still hiding, he receives the message and discusses the situation with Leanne, without knowing that Simon the Elder is he overheard the entire situation.

Leanne discovers that Simon has left the security of her location after the conversation when she knocks on his bedroom door and realizes that he has left.

Although Simon insists he not will return to the hiding place with Leanne and Nick, Carla and Peter manage to talk him around and convince him to go back.

But just as they manage, Peter overhears the hospital cleaner make a call to talk about Simons Location, and shows how Harvey had eyes and ears everywhere to get information about the trio.

When the situation in the hospital between the cleaner and Peter becomes violent, Simon rushes back to the hiding place, where he meets Nick and Leanne lets know what happened after that.


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