CM – Curtis Sliwa cruises to win Mateo for NYC Mayor in the Republican primary


Curtis Sliwa, founder of Guardian Angels, scored a great victory as the Republican candidate for mayor, defeating rival Fernando Mateo after a lively and entertaining primary campaign, according to the election results of the election committee released Tuesday evening.

« Curtis won and we want to unite the Republican Party and hope Fernando Mateo will join us, ”Rob Cole, Sliwa senior campaign advisor, told the Post.

Sliwa received 68.8 percent or 34,758 of the Republican votes to 27 percent or 13,655 votes for Mateo, a restaurateur who campaigns for bodega owners and taxi drivers.

A victorious Sliwa took the podium at the Empire Steakhouse in Midtown to “Curtis! Curtis! « Surrounded by former mayor Rudy Giuliani and supermarket mogul and 77 WABC owner John Catsimatidis.

 » Ladies and gentlemen, we just overwhelmingly won the Republican Party, « said Sliwa

 » It was a long time in which we had to go door to door, street by street, subway station by subway station and the announcement. Without John and Margo Catismidatis that would never have happened. And Rudy Guliani, who put me together with other big Republicans across the city, « he said.

 » Some have said, ‘You know Curtis Sliwa, he’s not a real Republican’ and that’s what my opponent Fernando Mateo said, « Sliwa said, while the supporters were booed loudly.

The mood was jubilant at the Sliwa election campaign party at the Empire Steakhouse in Midtown, where Sliwa supporters wore the characteristic red guardian angel berets and red Trump Save American hats.

The 67-year-old Sliwa benefited from the hey Excellent reputation and key recommendations from former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Staten Island MP Nicole Malliotakis, the only Republican on New York City’s congressional delegation.

« Curtis is the guy who can solve the crime problem, » said Giuliani at the victory celebration.

“Curtis is a great candidate. The energy he surpassed all. Curtis is absolutely ready to be an excellent mayor. A mayor who will reform the city, « said the former GOP mayor.

 » And New York City needs a Republican mayor like Chicago, Philadelphia and Baltimore. The last time we had riot in this city was when we had a democratic mayor. The last time we had this type of crime in town was when we had a Democratic Mayor. I think New Yorkers are smart enough to go beyond « New Yorkers can’t vote [Republicans]]. What are we Communist China? ”

He credited Sliwa for setting up the Guardian Angels’ civil crime patrols when Ed Koch was mayor in the 1980s.

“It became a worldwide movement. He fought crime better than the mayor, « said Giuliani.

Sliwa tried to refer to Mateo as » de Blasio Republican « because he had raised campaign funds for the democratic mayor.

 » You have money for collected him, straw donor, which is illegal. They helped choose the man who single-handedly destroyed this city, « Sliwa said during a debate on WABC radio in April.

Sliwa also raped Mateo for telling law enforcement officials to close his restaurant, La Marina on the banks of the Hudson River, which filed for bankruptcy in 2019 due to massive debt – and after a manager’s drug arrest.

« You ran a criminal enterprise, » accused Sliwa. « Suddenly you discover that you love the police. »

Mateo called Sliwa a « Never Trumper » who was a member of the Reform Party and had only recently re-enrolled as a Republican. Sliwa elected independent candidate Pierce Brosnan for president last year.

Dominican Republic-born Mateo also said Sliwa “never owned a business. He made a living from his community service … You live off the Guardian Angels. « 

Sliwa, an animal rights activist, was a radio host at 77 WABC before running for mayor.

Mateo qualified for $ 2 million to public matching funds and beat Sliwa in the final days of the race in the airwaves. Sliwa did not qualify for matching funds.

He was also supported by the Republican parties in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. Sliwa was supported by the Staten Island and Brooklyn GOP.

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