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Kerri-Ann Roper

The naturalist David Attenborough spoke about the « stars » of his upcoming natural history series and said that plants can be « very bad things ».

The television presenter and naturalist ( 95) spoke about The Green Planet, a five-part series by the BBC’s Natural History Unit that uses groundbreaking film techniques to show viewers the intricate life of plants and the ecosystems that thrive around them.

“We do a lot of programs about natural history, but the basis of all life is plants, « he said.

 » We ignore them because they don’t seem to do much, but they can be very bad things. Plants throttle each other – they can move very quickly, have all sorts of weird techniques to make sure they can spread out across an entire continent, have many ways to meet to fertilize each other, and we never see it really event. But now we can. ”

The series, which will air in January 2022, had its world premiere in Glasgow on the occasion of the COP26 summit to combat climate change.

The Green Planet, which airs on BBC One, will use new developments in robotics, moving time-lapse, super-detailed thermal imaging cameras and ultra-high-speed to « travel beyond the power of the human eye » The BBC has said. The broadcaster also spoke about the role of technology in engaging the younger generation on environmental issues. He said, “Younger audiences – their phones are the main way to get them reach. As a consequence, I hope that the needs, the wonder and the importance of nature will be recognized. We tend to think we are the alpha and omega – but we are not. ”

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