CM – Deepfake Tom Cruise inventor launches production house that creates hyper-real content


The creators of the viral @DeepTomCruise account on TikTok have launched a production platform for creating hyper-real content using deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Metaphysic was co-founded by Chris Ume, a synthetic media and AI artist enables brands and creatives to produce photorealistic and scalable synthetic video content.

The software developed by Metaphysic enables developers to process datasets, mix and re-mix proprietary and open source AI models and add traditional production workflows integrate. The result is a decentralized production process that can generate hyper-realistic content without spending additional time and money.

The Metaphysic team not only created @DeepTomCruise, but also used their technology and learning models to create Procter & Gamble’s Gillette fallback ad  » Deions Draft Night « by Gray, USA. To celebrate the 2021 NFL draft, Gillette worked with Metaphysic to create a synthetic version of the young Deion Sanders as he looked on draft day 1989.

Ume said, « There’s a huge appetite for new ones Expressions in video powered by AI, and this pushes the boundaries of technology and art in fascinating ways. At Metaphysic, we want to further decentralize the production of video content. We’re developing AI tools to give brands, influencers and creatives limitless opportunities for video creativity and entertainment. « 

@DeepTomCruise from Metaphysic has shown that hyperreal content can no longer be distinguished from live recordings, so Brands, creatives and production companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of using synthetic media in the production of premium content.

Tom Graham, Metaphysic Co-Founder and CEO, said, « As the pandemic continues, the demand for synthetic media has skyrocketed shot because personal production was banned. We saw the need for optimized tools to enable a future where AI will help even laypeople create amazing photorealistic content in an ethical and scalable way. « Metaphysic said that it is committed to the ethical use of its technology, including prohibiting the creation of content that it knows s ou are intended to mislead or deceive.

Graham added, “We recognize that this is an emerging technology and its development can have unintended consequences that must be taken seriously. At the heart of our product development process is ethical and safety issues, both internally and for the industry as a whole.

« By taking an ethical approach to developing technology, we will enable a wider range of creators to share important stories with To tell hyperrealistic, synthetic media that do not harm either the individual or the society. « 

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