CM – Dell Expands Edge, Unveils 5G and Open RAN Services


As part of a significant expansion of its offering in the communications world, Dell Technologies introduced telecommunications software, solutions, and services to help communications service providers (CSPs) accelerate their open, cloud-native network deployments and capture new revenue opportunities at the edge Create.

The company announced edge solutions for its infrastructure and PC portfolio to help organizations simplify deployments and get more value from data generated outside of the traditional data center and public cloud are processed. The intended scope of application ranges from harsh and remote locations to retail stores and factory floors.

In addition, Dell has also introduced advances in Open RAN (ORAN) to support the expected massive growth of data from 5G applications and services as CSPs move their compute infrastructure to the edge.

While Dell sees such technologies as providing a wider range of options for providing network infrastructure for CSPs to support future growth, Dell believes there is a trend that is too leads to a large, geographically dispersed, open computing deployment that can be difficult to deploy and manage. The technologies are considered to be able to cope with this new reality.

« Technology leaders are faced with the enormous challenge of finding the right infrastructure for data management at the edge and the right solutions to harness the value of this data, to make real-time, data-driven decisions, ”said Matthew Eastwood, senior vice president at research firm IDC. « Dell Technologies’ Edge portfolio, which includes infrastructure, PCs and services, helps organizations of all sizes understand their data. »

The new suite is led by Dell EMC VxRail satellite nodes designed to operate model and bring efficiency to edge locations with reduced infrastructure requirements. VxRail satellite node single node deployments are considered the only HCI solution jointly developed with VMware. They are designed to automate day-to-day operations, condition monitoring and lifecycle management from a central location without the need for local technical and specialized resources.

The validated design for Manufacturing Edge with Litmus technology is designed to help companies achieve this to connect, manage and orchestrate diverse industrial edge devices, data and applications from the factory floor to the enterprise cloud without programming.

Dell said its offering enables manufacturers to make quick decisions to repair devices before they fail, improve production quality and save costs with real-time data analysis and centralized device management provided by the enterprise-class Litmus Industrial IoT Edge platform. Based on Dell EMC VxRail or PowerEdge servers with the option to use VMware Edge Compute Stack, it is the second solution from Dell Technologies designed to help organizations tackle the complexities of deploying manufacturing edge.

Other edge services include the 5G-enabled EMC Edge Gateway Dell EMC Edge Gateway to connect multiple edge devices in OT and IT environments, and the EMC Streaming Data Platform (SDP) for improved GPU optimization to capture streaming video with lower latency and support frame-rate environment and real-time analytics.

In the telecommunications-only domain, Dell Technologies’ Bare Metal Orchestrator telecommunications software automates the provisioning and management of hundreds of thousands of servers in geographic locations to provide ORAN and support 5G deployments.

Bare Metal Orchestrator, the company’s first software derived from its Project Metalweaver initiative, was designed to give CSPs the tools to discover and inventory servers, get them online, and deploy software no matter where they are on the network.

In the declarative Automation instructs Bare Metal Orchestrator what to do so that tasks and workflows – such as provisioning software stacks and workloads – can be completed without human intervention. The software combines open standards technology with the intellectual property of Dell Technologies.

Dell claims that CSPs with Bare Metal Orchestrator can eliminate days or weeks of configuration and deployment to get network hardware into a workload-ready state. This shortens the time it takes for an open network to provide differentiated, profitable services on a large scale.

Over time, the software can lower operating costs by orchestrating server lifecycle management, minimizing errors, and increasing the number of errors Trusted IT expertise. ACG Research estimates up to 57% operational cost savings for CSPs using Bare Metal Orchestrator in their networks.

“At T-Mobile, we worked closely with Dell Technologies to prepare for the future of 5G mobility and edge to develop a product that would allow engineers to dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage thousands of servers in hundreds of locations, « said Quaid Campbell, director of network engineering cloud services at T-Mobile.

 » Enable solutions like Bare Metal Orchestrator allows us to focus on building new strategic services, automating server provisioning and management tasks for software systems instead of engineers. « 

Caroline Chappell, Research Director at Analysys Mason, said: » The industry is making progress towards open RAN Networks, but network operators are faced with the challenge of operating them cost effectively on a large scale.

« To m ith to keep pace with innovation, telecom operators need more agile ways to deploy and manage their network infrastructure. Bare metal orchestrators, like software from Dell Technologies, will be the key to flexibly and efficiently automating the heterogeneous bare metal environments that operators tell us must support cloud-native open RAN functions.  »

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