CM – « Dirty and hurt »: Hayne victim fear


Jarryd Haynes rape victim spoke in court about rumors and innuendos surrounding the case, saying the attack made her feel « dirty and hurt ».

« People talk about my vagina, my decisions and are happy to give their opinion based on what they have heard and it is the most helpless feeling, » said the unidentifiable woman in Newcastle District Court on Wednesday.

Hayne is on trial when he learns how long he will be in prison. He had a dozen friends and family waiting to shelter him from the rain and push reporters away when he arrived for judgment.

The 33-year-old was found guilty by a jury of sexually assaulting the then 26-year-old woman in her Newcastle home in September 2018.

He intends to appeal the guilty verdict and say, « I’d rather go to jail knowing I told the truth than be a free man who lives a lie. »

The court had previously heard it was « inevitable » that he would be arrested after convicted of two sexual assaults.

He was found not guilty of aggravating the more serious allegations of aggravated sexual intercourse without consent and of ruthlessly inflicting actual bodily harm.

When Hayne entered the court on Thursday morning, several of his supporters were pushing umbrellas in front of journalists, photographers and cameramen to protect him from the media.

Inside, the woman made a statement about the impact of the victim, detailing how the attack had fundamentally changed her life.

« I know nothing will fully explain my feelings within me, but I can only try or I will regret it for the rest of my life, » she told the court.

She said she felt « dirty and hurt like an object and he’s looking right through me ».

The ex-NFL convert was found guilty of having oral and digital sex with her in her bedroom on September 30, 2018.

During her evidence, the woman said she refused to consent to sex because the ex-Parramatta defense attorney kept a taxi waiting in front of her Fletcher home.

Hayne had been in Newcastle for a two-day buck party and stopped over social media after speaking to the woman.

She experienced the moments after he left her house, « lying on her bed, hugging her knees and staring into nothing ».

She told the court that she had experienced nightmares and flashbacks and sometimes could not get up because of depression and anxiety.

It had fundamentally changed the direction of her life and she had not worked for six months and had also been forced to interrupt her studies.

Hayne had been in Newcastle for a two-day buck party for a former teammate and had arranged to pay a taxi driver $ 550 to take him back to Sydney.

The woman said when she heard the taxi beeping outside her bedroom window, she decided that there was « no way » she would consent to the sex.

Hayne drank on the cab ride to the woman’s house and left an empty bottle of pre-mixed alcohol on the mailbox on the way to the door.

During the trial, Hayne gave evidence that he went into the woman’s bedroom and lay down on her bed, trying to « break the ice » by singing along to some of his « go-to » songs on YouTube, including an Ed Sheeran cover from Oasis’s Wonderwall.

According to the woman’s evidence, he kissed her violently and pushed her head into the pillow.

The woman did not go to the police immediately, and an investigation did not begin until her brother-in-law called a journalist who advised the family to contact the NRL Integrity Unit.


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